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May 28, 2014

Venus Williams


2‑6, 6‑3, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in English, please.

Q.テつ Obviously she's a good young player, played very well today.テつ What do you think of the match and your performance?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ Yeah, I think she played really well, even the first set, you know, I think she was competitive.テつ You know, in the second and third, you know, I think I made too many errors.テつ And I think she just played so well and just kept getting so many balls in the court.
It just wasn't my day in the last couple of sets.

Q.テつ What changed after winning the first set into the second set?テつ I mean, what do you think changed in your game that allowed her to take over?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ I mean, I think my first‑serve percentage went down a lot.テつ I think I was hitting a lot of second serves.テつ I think I was a little impatient, too, and less, you know, not playing the point as much and maybe just rushing a little too much, you know, maybe wanting a shorter point.

Q.テつ Serena is also struggling at the moment with her match.テつ Is it tough for you ever when you know there is a chance that if you both win you play each other?テつ Is it all in the back of your mind?テつ You know what the draw is going in and it's something, sort of a big event for you?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ Yeah, I think we both, you know, feel ‑‑I mean, I felt like this was a match that I was most likely going to win.テつ I'm sure ‑‑I don't know how Serena felt, but I'm sure she feels like that every time she goes on the court.
So I think our expectation was to play in the next round.

Q.テつ Your record in three‑set matches isn't that great this year.テつ Is there any sort of issue of stamina or anything like that?テつ Is it just one of those things?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ I hadn't even thought about it.テつ I don't know.テつ Basically I'm moving up.テつ This time last year I was moving backwards.テつ All can I do is play better in the next match, and there will be another one.

Q.テつ I assume you're looking forward to Wimbledon.テつ You didn't have a chance there last year for the first time in a long time.テつ Is it a chance to make up for lost time and two years worth of effort in one year?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ What?テつ Double effort?テつ That would mean double titles, that's impossible.

Q.テつ You have won two titles there before.
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ Yeah, that was awesome.テつ Wouldn't take that away, I guess.
Yeah, Wimbledon is the next focus.テつ You know, I haven't thought that much about anything right nowテつ so close after the match.テつ Just get on the court and start grinding.

Q.テつ You played Schmiedlova twice.テつ What do you think about her potential?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ I think she's very good already, and she's going to be even better as she continues to play.テつ I see wonderful things for her.

Q.テつ Do you foresee problems with her as well in the next round?
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ Well, no match is given to you.テつ I think obviously, hopefully Serena will get there, and she will most likely learn from my mistakes.
So everybody has a chance, but obviously ‑‑you're from the same country?テつ So I'm sure you want her to win, but I would want Serena to win.テつ Yeah (smiling).

Q.テつ Serena is down a set and a double break at the moment.テつ Do you know of anything that was possibly bothering her in this match?テつ I think a lot of people saw her form coming in this week, especially coming off the Rome title, as being pretty good.
VENUS WILLIAMS:テつ Even if I had anything to say, I wouldn't say it here.

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