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May 28, 2014

Benoit Paire


6‑4, 7‑6, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French.

Q.テつ Physically what happened on the court?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ It was a bit tough.テつ So physically it was a bit tough, as I was saying.テつ I practiced only three days before the first round, and yesterday I played doubles, but it was a bit difficult.テつ My knee is hurting a little but not today.テつ No knee that's hurting, so I'm very happy to be able to play again.
The feelings come and go and come and go.テつ Sometimes it's unforced mistakes, sometimes winning shots.テつ But the most important thing is I'm back 100%.テつ So I have to practice again so I'm in the rhythm of this competition.
But, you know, to me, it was very important to play here at Roland Garros.テつ I'm happy.テつ I managed to come to that stage.テつ Of course, I could have done better.テつ My knee was not hurting too much, but physically it was a bit tough.
When I lost the second set it was a blow on the head.テつ But I'm happy to have played.テつ Not to have any pain.テつ And I will be happy to practice again on the practice courts.
I'm very eager during the second half of the season to be able to play more matches and win points and all that.テつ You know, I'm very happy, frankly.テつ And I'm very much looking forward to the competition in the months to come.

Q.テつ Do you have a schedule that's very precise, or will it vary depending on your physical ups and downs?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ No.テつ I know that I will have to have an MRI, and there is a region in the knee that's inflamed and I have to be careful.テつ I shouldn't use it too much.テつ It's healing at present.テつ So there is going to be physiotherapy and also I will have to practice.
But I'm very happy, very happy to play on grass and play tournaments this summer, as well.
Of course, my ranking is going to go down, but that doesn't really matter.テつ The best thing is to be there 100%, and I think I can do that.
Against Bautista, you know, if I can play a bit better I could have defeated him.テつ It was a near miss for me.テつ But then during the third set, it was really tough.

Q.テつ Have you tried other surfaces, by the way?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ No, no, no, no.テつ I have only played three times.テつ Frankly, it was on clay.テつ I didn't have to run too much before the first round, and that's about it.
I had tried in Madrid, but it was hurting, my knee was hurting.テつ And Barcelona, as well.テつ It was hurtful.
So playing again is good.テつ I could slide.テつ I could play my game.
Then, of course, I have to build my muscles.テつ I have lost thigh muscles.テつ And I don't run around the court that quickly, but I know I have the right shots and have to be more consistent.テつ That's all.
Then I'm going to be back again soon.テつ I hope that this summer will be a big season for me so that I can go up the rankings and then do more.

Q.テつ You discussed with the referee or the umpire on the court.テつ What did you say?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Nothing special.テつ We discussed, you know, it's between the referees or umpires and the players.テつ You know, we were playing and then there was music, like a band.
You know, you have to be back and into the competition to feel you're in it, because sometimes, you know, he had poor shots and then he said, We have to wait between the first serve, second serve.テつ He says, Take time.テつ And I like to be quick.テつ I'm a quick player.テつ These are small things, the details.
To me, it has a great impact on me, because, you know, it's difficult for me to focus for two hours in a row and I have to focus.
These ups and downs and focus and my concentration, it's such that sometimes I get lost.テつ So to win the second set, these are usually very important moments for me in a match that I manage usually really well.
It was Love‑40 for me, so I thought I was controlling at the beginning of the match, but then I made too many mistakes, unforced errors, and I didn't have enough focus.テつ Physically, I had to be really present on the court.テつ It's a bit difficult, but I will manage.テつ I have no worries about it.

Q.テつ Now, given what you've said, you have said that sometimes it's difficult for you to focus completely from A to Z during a match.テつ What about this injury that you're suffering from, which I hope is the end of this injury, I mean?テつ Don't you think there is some good in this evil?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Well, I'd rather stay on the tennis courts for something like three months.
Something evil that does something good, I don't know, I have been thinking about it.テつ I'm back.テつ I'm quite willing to play.テつ I'm very much aware of the fact that being on a tennis court is a chance.テつ You should always cling to it.テつ Never let go anything.
You know, sometimes I would do this.テつ I would let go.テつ I'd say, No, not this match, I'm not going to win it.テつ But what's going to happen?テつ I don't know.テつ I have no guarantees.テつ I have not proven anything to anybody.
But I know it's in my head.テつ I'm going to make efforts and I'm going to be so much aware of how lucky I am to be on the courts and win tennis matches.
Then, as I said earlier on, I have to practice again, because my thighs are so thin.テつ I'm not that big, you know, so it's going to be difficult for me.
But it's back into order.テつ You will see everybody will shut up after this.

Q.テつ You felt you could have defeated Bautista, but you have never defeated him.テつ How come?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ I think I'm playing better than him.テつ I have all the weapons to beat him.テつ I have been suffering from this injury for three months.テつ Last time we played was in Australia, and I defeated him in the inter‑club matches.テつ Look at the statistics.テつ That's true.テつ That's important.
But look at what I do when I play against him.テつ Look at the match.テつ I don't think he was hurting me that much.テつ I felt that I was doing the whole game.テつ Then sometimes when I make fewer direct or unforced errors, I'm leading sometimes.
These are these moments when, you know, I have not practiced enough.テつ I have not played enough.テつ I missed the match I was defeated, but later on you will see I'll fix this and my results will be excellent.
My objective was to be 100% focused.テつ I'm not ready yet for a five‑set match.テつ I tried.テつ It was okay today.テつ My knee was not hurting.テつ I have to practice again.テつ As I said before, I'm back on the right tracks.テつ The tracks leading to the tennis courts.テつ Then everything is going to be okay again.
Yesterday I felt I was better than Bautista.テつ I can't say to the contrary.テつ When I'm the courts I feel I'm on top of him.テつ Sometimes for other players it's different.テつ You have the impression he's weaker than you are.
Bautista, that's true, he's 29, but I have all the weapons to defeat him.テつ The only thing is the unforced errors.テつ I made too many of those, and that's why I lost the match today.

Q.テつ In this match I had the impression that the crowd is always willing and ready to support you, because your game sometimes is brilliant.テつ The crowd, the public, is quickly here to support you like a Davis Cup match.テつ Are you aware of this?テつ Does that touch you?テつ Does that help you?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Yes, of course it helps me.テつ The public was with me 100% from the beginning to the end, so that's something good.
Then the other thing, as I was saying, it's Roland Garros.テつ It's a bit too early for me, this Roland Garros.テつ So I have to practice again so that I can be present 100%.
During important moments, I could have been carried away, but I know it's difficult, there is a cramp coming, and the abdominals, as well, they are too tight.
But I have not practiced at all for three months on tennis courts.テつ It's only been three practice before Roland Garros.テつ It's not like others who said, I have practiced for three months and in fact they have practiced like crazy for weeks and weeks.
For me it was three times only and twice I was traveling.テつ My physical condition was okay, which is the most important thing, the crowd was with me, they supported me.テつ It's not like in Bercy.テつ To me, it's all positive.テつ It's all positive.
And then, you know, we will meet again next year.テつ You will see it's going to be a major Roland Garros for me next year.

Q.テつ Djokovic yesterday took a photo of himself playing the French Pテδゥtanque.
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ I think I can beat him with the French Pテδゥtanque.テつ He's not an expert.テつ I think he's not that good with the balls on the photo.テつ I'm a professional, I have everything, the cloth, I have everything.

Q.テつ (Off microphone.)
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ No problem.

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