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May 29, 2014

Pauline Parmentier


1‑6, 6‑3, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in French, please.

Q.  How did you manage the interruption and the fact that you had to go back on court this morning?
PAULINE PARMENTIER:  It wasn't easy.  I was very tense.  Well, a little tense this morning, and very, very tense when I walked on court.
It's the first time that I had to manage the situation.  It's never happened to me before.  That, and we had to stop the match and continue the next day.
It wasn't easy.  But when I felt a bit stressed, I thought, okay, I'm leading 2 to 1, I have a break, so I prefer to be in my shoes than hers.
I really thought about that in order not to panic.  But it wasn't easy.

Q.  You showed that you were able to manage yourself emotionally.
PAULINE PARMENTIER:  Yes, absolutely.  However, in the end, I didn't even know how I had done it, because sometimes my arm was shaking, my legs were shaking.  It was very strange.
But I have been feeling rather well for a few weeks.  This morning during warmup I was hitting really well, so maybe things clicked into place.
And the fact that I served really well in the first game helped me relax.  So I got very many first serves, and my serve really helped me win this last set today, because I had free points with my serve.  They were given to me for free.  And that helped me relax.

Q.  You're a very sensitive girl, and you've been through some things for the last year.  Are you thinking now, Let's go for it and just relax?
PAULINE PARMENTIER:  Yes, a little.  A few weeks ago, I was thinking, Oh, my God, Roland Garros is coming up, and I felt stressed and I thought, Oh, stop it.  You have been playing at Roland Garros for 10 years, and now you know.  You go there, and then you have regrets.
Obviously it's easier said than done, but right now everything is going well.
And there have been events lately, which have shown that sometimes there are more important things than just playing tennis.
So sometimes I think, Okay, I don't care.  I'm going to play.  I have been feeling well for the last few weeks.  I thought, Okay, if I'm going to lose, I'll lose.
That's why I tried to have fun, first and foremost.  The fact that I started from very low made me really enjoy the moment.  I just enjoyed it.

Q.  So you are trying to take things easily.  Do you want to make Loïc happy?
But the fact that I played small tournaments also and now being again in Roland Garros tells me that that's the reason why I'm playing.  That's the reason why I'm practicing.
And if I don't enjoy it, I should go and do something else, do a small one.

Q.  Small tournaments, 25,000 tournaments.  It's difficult.  But maybe that helped you grow stronger, because you played many different matches.
PAULINE PARMENTIER:  Yes, it did help me, but it could have been awful at the same time because I might not have won many matches, I might have lost in the first or second round of 25,000 tournaments.  It would have been very difficult.
But I was lucky.  I played well.  I won one very quickly.  That helped me.  That was good.

Q.  With Kristina Mladenovic, two northern players qualified for the next round.  How do you feel?
PAULINE PARMENTIER:  I'm very happy.  I'm very happy.  We're both from the north of France, and it's great.  It feels good.  It's good for her, for me.
I mean, she's had difficult times lately, and both of us are in the third round.  It's fabulous.

Q.  What about leadership in the final draw?
PAULINE PARMENTIER:  I don't know.  We're in the same part of the draw?  Well, both of us in the final?  No.  Sharapova?

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