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May 30, 2014

Dmitry Tursunov


R. FEDERER/D. Tursunov
7‑5, 6‑7, 6‑2, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  How much do you think the injury affected today?
DIMITRY TURSUNOV:  Well, I mean, pretty much couldn't run, so probably a big part of the game.
But, you know, it's also not very easy to play against an injured person, so good for him that he was able to figure out what bothers me and kind of build his game plan around that.
He's a tough player to play against when you're healthy, so definitely makes thing a little bit tougher.

Q.  What kind of injury is it?
DIMITRY TURSUNOV:  It's an ouchy one.
No, it's actually kind of combination of a couple of things.  But it's a groin, so basically can't lift my leg to push to the sides, to run side to side, so it was pretty difficult.  Anything on the return, can't really move to the side.
Then when he was trying to drive me around the court with dropshots, that's basically what bothered me the most.

Q.  You had it before the match?
DIMITRY TURSUNOV:  No.  It was right after the changeover of the second set.  We sat down and then got up and then he was serving, and then right after the first serve was kind of like, Something is not right.
Went to see the physio, and it's not in a place where he can do anything, so just take some painkillers and just hope that it's going to go away.
Really nothing that they could have done.

Q.  Despite the injury, what do you think of your tennis today and what do you think of Roger's performance today?
DIMITRY TURSUNOV:  Well, it's hard for me to judge Roger's performance, because when you play against him or watch him it's a little different.
I think obviously he can do things better and I can do things better, but I thought I played at a pretty good level.  Could have done a little bit better when I did have small chances on his serve in the first set and make him play a little bit more.
As well in the second set I had a break point where I could have applied a little more pressure on him.
Overall, the first two sets the match would be really good for me to judge, and I felt that it was a fairly even battle out there.
You know, I don't know how it would've gone.  If would've continued that way it's hard for me too predict, but definitely playing on one leg is not going to make things easier.
Tough luck for me, but hopefully I'll get him somewhere else.

Q.  You've given him a hard time in this match until you got injured, so you must be pleased with your performance, not just against Roger, but it seems you're doing pretty well this season.  Would you agree?
DIMITRY TURSUNOV:  Yeah, I mean, I think he's definitely a good barometer to measure yourself against.  It's good to play matches against the top guys just to see what your level is and what you need to improve on.
This year I've lost to a lot of good players, couple players that are not ranked as high.
Also, if you take the rankings out of the equation, there are a lot more players that are difficult to play against.
Roger is kind of the gold standard, let's put it that way.  Good benchmark to measure yourself against.
I like how I'm playing against him.  Hoping to improve.  Hoping to give him more difficulties for the next couple years hopefully.
So we'll see where it goes from here.

Q.  Gulbis, he's troubled him in the past.  Do you think it's going to a tough one for him?
DIMITRY TURSUNOV:  Yeah, I think Gulbis definitely has a very, very good game against Roger.  He serves well, and, you know, he's a pretty heavy hitter, so I think it's not something that Roger will want to play against.
Again, how it's going to turn out, it's going to be difficult to‑‑ there will be two players out on the court.
I think there are certain players that you kind of know ahead of the match, if everything is going according to plan, the person doesn't have too many weapons.  Gulbis definitely is a person that has enough weapons to injure‑‑ not to injure, but to trouble Roger.

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