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June 2, 2014

Jelena Jankovic


S. ERRANI/J. Jankovic
7‑6, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  Just about the match in general, especially that first set was so close and a long first set.
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yeah, she was up 4‑1 in the first set.  Took me a while to kind of get into the match.
You know, I had a slow start.  Afterwards, I started playing much better.  You know, I was up 5‑4.  Then 6‑5 I served and had a set point and didn't make it.
And then that long tiebreaker.  I think, you know, physically I got tired, you know.  There was some long points there.  I lost them all.
When I needed, you know, just to kind of, you know, raise the level a little bit, you know, and I needed, you know, a good first serve, it was never coming.  I never had, you know, that I could just make that push and finish and close that first set off.
As the match got longer and longer, I got more and more tired.  You know, she took advantage of that.
Especially, you know, all those dropshots, I did not do well.  When I was close to the net, I just ‑‑she always got me.
She was very solid.  I mean, she's not gonna give you anything.  You have to beat her.  When I was playing, you know, well and aggressive I was winning points.  And when I got tired I kind of slowed down my game.  It wasn't working.  And as well, my first serve ‑‑I had no serve today for some reason.
Maybe because I got tired and when I stepped to the line I just could not, you know, give all my power into the shot.  Somehow it just didn't work.
But overall, you know, I fought as much as I could.  I did the best that I could under the circumstances today and lost the match.

Q.  Is this a disappointment to you or what's your take away from this year?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yeah, it's a big disappointment, especially due to, you know, when you see the draw and who is left in the draw and who's probably, you know ‑‑ one of those French Opens that it opened up, especially for me.  Because usually when I was playing those semifinals and finals of a Grand Slam I had to beat four or five top 10 players.
Now, you know, with all the seeds who left the draw early, it opened up.  But still today I had a tough opponent, which she plays, you know, so well on clay.  She was tough to beat.
I did not do so well.  When I was doing well, I was winning the games.  But then, you know, I didn't do enough when I needed.

Q.  Obviously you know that Sara has been doing very well lately.  Can you say like what is to play against her on clay?  What makes her so successful on this surface?  She beat you twice in a row now.  How you felt on court?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  What makes her successful is she just gets balls back.  She just doesn't ‑‑ you know, always one more, one more back.  And those high balls and then dropshots.
Physically I couldn't, you know, play those long rallies.  I was getting tired.  So I've got to work on that and be better.  I've got to be fitter, you know, especially on this surface.
And it showed today.  I really got tired in that first set and in the second set I was 3‑Love down because I just was going for those shorter points and made a lot of mistakes.
She's a player you have to beat.  She's not gonna beat herself.  That's for sure.
When I was playing good, I was winning those games, I was able ‑‑I put myself into a situation, a position, to win that first set.  I had that set point, but I just felt like I did not do enough, as well with my serve and also with her return ‑‑ with my return.
When I was playing aggressive on the returns, you know, I was breaking her serve, as well.  Then sometimes I made, you know, some easy mistakes when I was close to the net, and I got stuck.  I just didn't, you know, choose the right shot, you know, at certain times.  She read me, and there you go.  You know, it was so close.
But it didn't go my way, unfortunately.

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