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June 5, 2014

Simona Halep


S. HALEP/A. Petkovic
6‑2, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  What was your first feeling after the match point?
SIMONA HALEP:  My first feeling was amazing.  I didn't know how to feel.  I cannot say what I feel now.  I'm a little bit blocked.
It's amazing to play the final here in Paris.  It was very tough match.  Emotional, also.  I was very nervous.
But, yeah, I was a little bit stronger I think in the end, in the tiebreak, and I could win the match in two sets.  I feel amazing, and it's incredible feeling to can play a final at Grand Slam.

Q.  You seem to be a very smart player.  Everybody says that.  Andrea said that she needed to take the time away from you.  When someone manages that, what is your plan B?  Do you have a plan B?
SIMONA HALEP:  Yes.  I have a few plans during the match, but I just want to play my style:  to be aggressive and to stay very close to the baseline.
But today I stayed a little bit far from the baseline.  But she played really well.  I mean, she's a very strong player.  She hit very strong.  So I had just to stay focused, to fight for every ball, every point.
I think I did well, because in the tiebreak I changed a little bit and I hit a dropshot.  She didn't know how to play that point, so I won that one.
I think that was the very important moment of the second set.

Q.  It's obviously been an amazing 12 months for you.  Was there a moment when everything suddenly clicked, or has it been a gradual process?
SIMONA HALEP:  I think the click was in Rome when I beat Radwanska.  I thought after that match that I can play at higher level to beat the top players.  I started to be more aggressive.  At that moment I had more confidence in myself.
I had impressive 12 months, but today at this tournament it's more ‑‑I mean, it's fantastic.  Now I have emotions also to speak and to say how I feel.
It's incredible, and I want just for the final to play a good match.

Q.  Your first semifinal.  Did you feel like today was the worst day for your nerves?  Did you feel more nervous today than in your quarterfinal?
SIMONA HALEP:  Yes, I felt more nervous today.  I felt a little bit like in Australian Open before quarterfinals.  Before the match was better for me.  I stayed relaxed with my team.  But when I stepped on court, it was very difficult to manage the emotions.
I tried to hit some balls to make my body more relaxed, but didn't work very well.  So it was very tough match for my mental.  Also for my body.  But I'm really happy, and I have to forget everything now.

Q.  You will be No. 3 in the world on Monday.  Everything is going to be fast for you.  How do you react about that?
SIMONA HALEP:  Yeah, I said many times that the ranking is not really important for me.  More important is to play, to win many more matches, and to play finals and to win titles.
But of course it's amazing to be top world 3.  Yeah, it's very fast.  I didn't expect this last year, but if I'm here, I have to enjoy the moment and to take more confidence in myself.
I'm there, and I can do everything on court.

Q.  And how to beat Maria and what do you have to do different from your last match against her?
SIMONA HALEP:  Yeah, I don't know how I have to play to beat Maria (Laughter.)
But if I can beat Maria, better to say.  But I have to take that revenge.  I will fight for this one.  I played a really good match in Madrid first set.  I started really well.  I was very fast on court, and I opened the angles very well.
But she came back very, very well and she hit strong, stronger than me at that moment.
Now, I have to be aggressive again, to play fast, like my style, and to stay there with the nerves.  It will be a tough moment for me.  I know.  I'm sure that will be.
But I have to be happy and just to enjoy.  I cannot say how I will feel Saturday.  I cannot now.  I don't know how is it to play a final of a Grand Slams.

Q.  Simona you were the highest‑ranked player left in the tournament by about day five or six here.  Did you feel like at that point making the final was something you were supposed to do, or does it still feel like a little bit of a surprise for you?
SIMONA HALEP:  I cannot say that is a surprise to play final because I beat good players.  In the past I beat them also, so it wasn't a surprise for me.  But of course it's amazing to play final.
Yeah, I'm the highest seeded here at Roland Garros, but I think, like I say always, it doesn't matter the ranking.  It's just about the game, about the feeling, and about how you can manage the emotions before the match and during the match.

Q.  Do you feel like you can play with nothing to lose against Sharapova?
SIMONA HALEP:  Yeah, for sure.  I have nothing to lose.  I will keep this in my mind always.  I will try to hit very relaxed.
Of course I know that it will be very tough to manage the emotions, but I will try my best at that moment.

Q.  You just said it's gonna be a revenge for you.
SIMONA HALEP:  I didn't say.  Maybe.  I said maybe (smiling).

Q.  So my question is, when you play against a player who has beaten you before, does it give you extra motivation and fire?
SIMONA HALEP:  Against Kuznetsova it was extra motivation at this tournament because she beat me in Stuttgart.
Yeah, it will be extra motivation.  But still, she's very tough player, so will be a tough match.  I will do everything, like I said, and I will try to stay relaxed and to hit, to play my game.
Because if I play my game relaxed and with pleasure, to be aggressive and to play fast, I think I have chances.

Q.  In Madrid you talk about the dream.  You want to win Grand Slams.  Now it's so close.  Just one step away.  Can you picture yourself like two days later what kind of situation you will be?

Q.  Can you picture what will be the situation for you two days later when you lifted the trophy there?
SIMONA HALEP:  I don't understand.
THE MODERATOR:  (Translating.)
SIMONA HALEP:  Well, yeah.  I will be very happy, I think (smiling).  I will do something crazy, maybe.  I will celebrate.  I will go home and I will stay with my family for one week.  No tennis maybe.
But I'm still far to win a Grand Slam.  Even if I have one more match, I have a tough opponent next round.  I have to stay focused to win, and after that, I think what I will do.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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