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June 8, 2014

Su-Wei Hsieh

Shuai Peng


6‑4, 6‑1

MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  The first set was very tight, and then you managed to pull away in the second set.  What is your analysis?
SHUAI PENG:  I think first start beginning of match were like really, really nervous, tight.  Then before, you know, like walking into center court, I just ask Su‑Wei, Are you nervous?  And then she say, If I say no, I'd be lying to you.
The beginning the match I think they also play really good, and then like some like shot, like her point I think maybe so was tighter when first set we were down like 1‑3, and also my serve game is 15‑40 down.
Then, you know, I just thinking, Cannot like nervous tight anymore, because they really good team.  We need to do something.  Maybe just not think about win/lose.
You know, try to play something like our tennis.  And then finally when we come back, yes.

Q.  I notice it was a very low‑key celebration after winning the match.  You had a hug, but still you kind of kept for yourselves your emotions.  Now I want to know what were your feelings then when you realize you won the match?
SHUAI PENG:  We don't know, you know, because same like last year we play like, you know, in the Wimbledon and we thought like we were do something.
But then maybe like too exciting or like in the moment like in the brain or just like white, you know, and then, okay, hug each other.
This time it's like same.  The thing is like maybe even more pressure, you know, because is really want to win.  And then after win ‑‑but maybe after court we are celebrate with something more, you know, not on the court (smiling).

Q.  I'd like to know what is your favorite surface.  Are you surprised somehow to win the biggest tournament on clay?
SU‑WEI HSIEH:  Favorite surface?  Actually, I like older court, because older court is different, different challenge.  Especially this tournament we beating a lot the clay court winner, clay court specialists, doesn't matter singles or doubles.
So we are really happy we doing so well this time, especially under the pressure.  We seeded No. 1; we are No. 1 in the world; all this and that, and people thinking you winning 100% in finals.  It's a lot a lot of stuff.
So it's great.  We was handle it better beginning ‑‑no, middle of first set.  So I think we doing very good job this time.  Next time we also will keep fighting all the time to tell each other to remember what happened every time we make the mistake.

Q.  So you mentioned celebrating your title in Paris.  What are the plans?
SHUAI PENG:  For sure going to go celebrate tonight, but we don't know where yet.  We talk with the coach and everybody decided.
And then we have like a few days rest to prepare the Wimbledon, you know.  Still not like a big like, you know, the break.
Then, yeah, cannot like do some too dangerous.  We are not going to get injured first.

Q.  Your T‑shirt is special for the champion?
SHUAI PENG:  I think it's not for me.  I think it's more Li‑Ning, the person.  Because when they give to me, when I pick up in the store and then something like ‑‑also ask at some store, but like they make this one is try to be, how do you say, because he was like fantastic gymnastic, the player.  I have a lot of respect about him.
And then he always like, how do you say like kind and then nice person.  And then so I was just like, you know, I was really happy and I wanted to pick up this one.  It was good, nice, yeah.

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