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June 8, 2014

Ellen Port


CAPTAIN PORT:  I wanted that first point; with this GB&I Team, if you look at the board, we are split 4‑4.  So to get that first point, it's nice to be able to (letting out an exhaling breath) because I haven't relaxed at all.  I know what Tegwen's team is capable of doing, so I'm just really proud of my girls.

Q.  I know you said you had eight girls, but you put one out front, and you knew who you were putting out there.
CAPTAIN PORT:  Yeah, Emma Talley, all the kids, we all that their strengths and bring stuff to the table.  I knew Tegwen was going to put out some strong players at the beginning.  And I asked Emma if she wanted to go out early and get that point, and she said, "Yes, ma'am."  
And there was a chance she might play her roommate again, and they had a great match and I wanted to make sure she would be okay with that.
When Emma says, "Yes, Ma'am," I say, "Okay, it's all yours."  So great year.  It's a team thing, but for Emma, the year she's had with the U.S. Am, and she'll tell you, she didn't‑‑ her driver was giving her fits.
And in April we hit a shot and she finally said, "Captain, my driver is back," in April and I said thank goodness, keep it back.  Just like anybody, she was having some up and downs, and for her to come back and bring her game when it really mattered, that's really cool.

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