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June 8, 2014

Ally McDonald


Q.テつ Did you know that the Cup was won when you heard a yell back on the 13th green?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ No, I assumed that it was really good, because we had a big crowd, but I didn't know for sure if we had gotten the Cup back but it's good now that I know that.

Q.テつ What has this experience meant to you so far?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ It's been amazing.テつ It was a blessing to have been chosen, and I just wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and make memories and play the best golf that I could, and I think this weekend, I played pretty well.

Q.テつ Yeah, you certainly did, and you're going back for your senior year; is that correct?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ Yes, I want to finish out.

Q.テつ You talked about your week; is this about as well as you expected to play?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ You know, not having experience like this, I felt like I played pretty well.テつ I expected coming in to be a big part of the team and to contribute as much as I could, and I think I played really well.テつ Of course, you always leave shots out there in golf but that's going to happen.テつ But overall, I'm pretty pleased with how I played.

Q.テつ Next up is the Open; in what way was this a preparation for that, or was it not?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ I definitely think it was preparation.テつ I've never had this big of a crowd out watching me play, so that was one of my biggest things that I knew I would take away that would be positive going into the Open.テつ I know there's going to be a big crowd at Pinehurst so I knew that it prepared me a little bit for the pressure and having a lot of people out watching.

Q.テつ A lot of people back home watch you and they are watching you right now.テつ How nice is it that the Americans won and that you played such a big part this week and for the folks back home?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ It's amazing.テつ Fulton, Mississippi, has been cheering me on for a long time, and star gold (ph) where Mississippi State is, and it's just amazing the support I get from Mississippi in general and how much they cheer me on.テつ I know that they are always there, and they are always going to be lifting me up and a lot of positive things coming from everyone.

Q.テつ What does Captain Port mean to this team?テつ What has she done for you guys?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ She's been amazing.テつ I think this team, we didn't rely heavily on the aspect of on‑course knowledge.テつ I feel like she came in when she needed to and she told us what we needed to know on certain shots, particularly this one.テつ She said the pin is way left and you're not going to be able to get to it unless you're on the right side of the fairway.テつ
Just things like that was a big part, but she wasn't completely and totally into everyone's routine and shot selection, so she came in when she knew that she needed to and was a big factor I think in our win.

Q.テつ Not to say you haven't had a great career, but I think you have kind of flown under the radar the last couple years and now you've broke through at the North & South your great recruitment at Mississippi State, the Women's Open, now Curtis Cup; how fulfilling has this last year been for you?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ It's been amazing.テつ I think I‑‑ I say I think; I knew I had the capability of becoming a better player if I kept working at it.
But like I've said in previous interviews, several of the girls on the team have had a lot of more junior golf success and I guess I didn't really figure out that I could play until probably junior, senior year, when I was in North Carolina at the Junior and I made the semifinal.テつ I think that's when it really kicked in and I was like, hey, keep working and you're going to go places that you want to go.

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