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June 8, 2014

Matt Every


Q.  Well, still some golf to be played.  Are you pretty pleased with where you stand in your round?
MATT EVERY:  Yeah.  It was a battle today.  I made one on the last so it makes up for some mistakes earlier, but missed a short one on 17 and just misjudged the wind on 15 and made double, and in the air I thought it was -- I was going to have like a kick-in birdie.
Those are pretty deflating.  I'd rather hit a bad shot and make a bad score than make hit a good shot and make a bad score.
Yeah, good week and I'm looking forward to next week.

Q.  How does this prepare you for next week, weather conditions?
MATT EVERY:  For me it's more mental.  I actually had a great year except for like the last month, kind of struggling, and I wanted to play my way through it and really wasn't going to play here until about a week ago and I'm glad I did.  I got a lot out of this week.  You know, I'm hitting it better, making some putts and really looking forward to next week.

Q.  Guys talked a little bit about how the course sets up, the conditions.  Do you feel it will help you next week?
MATT EVERY:  I mean same greens.  They're bermuda greens.  They're not like some.  The wind helps a little.  If we didn't get all that rain, firm and fast would have been similar but I would say the greens -- bermuda greens are what people say they're similar, that's what they're referring to.

Q.  What is it like playing for a benefit for St. Jude's Research Hospital?
MATT EVERY:  It's awesome.  When I first got on Tour your my mom was like, "You better put down St. Jude's, your charity."  They do such a cool thing for the kids and their families and it's really neat.

Q.  Are you disappointed with the round?
MATT EVERY:  No.  I'm a little bummed out.  Everyone can say they can do better.  I've been playing long enough, I didn't want to be that guy who thinks the world is against him because I know it's not.

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