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June 7, 2014

Kyung Kim

Erynne Lee

Ally McDonald

Mariah Stackhouse


Q.テつ Tell me how you felt this afternoon, lots of breaks today.
KYUNG KIM:テつ It was good actually.テつ I was pretty excited to play in the alternate‑shot since this was my first one, and playing with Aaron, we grew up with each other, so it was just fun playing with her.テつ I was very comfortable playing with her and just had a lot of fun.

Q.テつ Captain Port has said such great things about you, called you her sparkplug.テつ How do you feel out here this week?
KYUNG KIM:テつ I feel good actually.テつ I'm striking the ball well.テつ Putting pretty well on these greens.

Q.テつ There was one hole on the back nine where you had a great putt and you gave a big fist pump.
KYUNG KIM:テつ That was 13.

Q.テつ You're such a reserved player, and we don't always see a big reaction out of you.
KYUNG KIM:テつ Aaron hit it pretty well today.テつ She put me in good position to putt, but I wasn't dropping anything.テつ So on that hole, she left me a 10‑footer downhill right‑to‑left.テつ Just finally made one, felt nice, good.

Q.テつ Tell me about what happened on 16.
KYUNG KIM:テつ I just tried to, I felt really comfortable hitting my hybrids this week.テつ As soon as I saw how far it was, I was like, okay, it's a hybrid, good.テつ So just hit a solid shot.テつ Ended up kind of short but Erynne had a good lag putt that just made the finishing putt.

Q.テつ How do you feel going into tomorrow; the USA has a big lead.
KYUNG KIM:テつ I still think we're going to go out there and play our own game.テつ We're going to still think of it like a serious match and hopefully keep it going.

Q.You and Kyung looked pretty comfortable together this afternoon.テつ Tell me how you felt?
ERYNNE LEE:テつ I mean, honestly for me, I didn't feel too good about my game.テつ I feel like I lost a little bit of rhythm out there.テつ I honestly felt like Kyung was carrying me today, like she was making a lot of putts.テつ I was making some drives and putting her in position.テつ I'm just glad that we came out with a victory.テつ We fought hard and kept our head up high.

Q.テつ Tell me about how the match closed on 16.テつ It was a halved hole.
ERYNNE LEE:テつ It was.テつ Both tee shots were incredible.テつ Kyung came up just a little short on the fringe.テつ I just had a downhill putt about 39 feet.テつ I guess because it's a little bit dark, I misjudged the speed a little bit and left her like a crucial three‑ to four‑footer.テつ I'm glad she made it.テつ She's a great short game player and she can make putts from anywhere, so I trusted her in that.
The other team, they hit a solid shot coming in and they had probably better position coming in.テつ They were having an uphill putt and passed the hole by four feet.テつ So putting the pressure on Kyung, but she obviously made it.

Q.テつ Now there's still a match to finish up but the USA is going to go into tomorrow with a pretty big lead.テつ How do you keep yourself from getting too far ahead?
ERYNNE LEE:テつ I think it's golf.テつ For everybody, you just have to stay in the moment.テつ Forget about the past and just move on and don't think too ahead in the future, and just kind of be with your own game and the little things that you need to work on.

Q.テつ Sorry you didn't finish, but tell me how you felt today.
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:テつ I felt pretty good.テつ I know when Captain told me I was playing with Ally, I was excited because she's steady, I'm steady.テつ Not going to see too many crazy things from either of us out there, so I think that was good.
We got off to I guess a slow start‑‑ not really slow but just an unfortunate couple breaks but then we pulled it together and kept the pedal down for a while.
We're now 1‑up going into 16.テつ We gave a couple away, but I don't think they were bad gives.テつ Just the last hole was taken and that's how if you're going to lose a hole, you want to lose it.テつ I'm feeling good about these last three holes, possibly.
ALLY McDONALD:テつ 15, the pin in the very back, and I gave her‑‑ she was under the trees where I put her drive.テつ And so she said, I'm going to lay up to about 160.テつ I said, I like it.
So you're thinking at that point with the pin being in the back, par is going to be a good score and then Stephanie sticks it.テつ Especially in alternate‑shot, you might expect that in four‑ball because you can have one person be more aggressive but alternate‑shot, losing on a birdie, you can't really complain about that.

Q.テつ So you got three holes or less to play tomorrow.テつ How do you keep the mentality overnight?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:テつ I say you forget about it for a second and wake up in the morning and get pumped.
ALLY McDONALD:テつ I think you completely forget about everything, because these last three holes are going to be like another match.テつ You have to play like you're all‑square or down, a three‑hole shootout.テつ I expect us to come out ready to play and we are going to be raring and ready.
16 is going to be a good shot.テつ I know Mariah is going to be ready to hit it and we'll give ourselves opportunities and hopefully finish it before 18.

Q.テつ USA is going to go into singles with a pretty sizable lead.テつ How do you handle knowing the USA is so far ahead without getting too far ahead of yourself?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE:テつ There are only eight matches and anything can happen.テつ If we had that type of lead and we had 12, 16 players going out, it would be‑‑ there's only eight matches going out.テつ It's not a lot.
So we've still got to go out and play as if every single one has to fight for that point that's going to win it for us.
I think none of us on that team have that mentality, all we need is two points.テつ We have the mentality that everybody is trying to win their match, so I don't think we have anything to worry about.テつ We just have to go out there and play golf?
ALLY McDONALD:テつ And everybody is playing good.テつ I think if everybody plays to the best of our ability, we'll see the points we need to get.

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