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June 7, 2014

Tyler Floyd

Hunter Redman

Chris Sadberry

Tim Tadlock



BLAYNE BEAL:テつ We'll have an opening statement from Coach Tim Tadlock.
COACH TADLOCK:テつ I could just say a really well‑played college baseball game.テつ Thought Clarke for them threw a heck of a game, really pitched well.テつ For a guy to go nine innings in a 1‑0 game, you have to tip your hat to him.
Thought they had some‑‑ I thought we had some good fortune on our side with the two balls on the infield where we get the out at home, and you need that a little bit this time of year.テつ On our side obviously Chris did a great job pitching ahead in the count, making pitches.テつ He kind of did what he's been doing.テつ He just really pitched well and really neat to see that.テつ Played well behind him for the most part.テつ That game is a funny game.テつ It's an unpredictable game.テつ It's a game of inches, a few inches here or there, I think both teams could score a couple more runs.
Today was a 1‑0 ballgame, and that's why we all come to watch it.テつ We're looking forward to playing tomorrow.テつ Obviously, since we've got him up here, Nes came up with a big at‑bat there and drove a run in.テつ Again, that ball is three feet from being caught.テつ Then Hunter made some really good plays.テつ I play made over by the dugout is a lot tougher play than it probably looked like from the stands.テつ At the same time, these guys, we'll let them enjoy the moment here and enjoy the victory, and we look forward to the challenge tomorrow.

Q.テつ Chris, probably your best game of the season at the biggest moment.テつ Talk about what was working for you out there?
CHRIS SADBERRY:テつ Just spotting up pitches really.テつ Just trying to go out there and attack the hitters.テつ Me and Hayward had kind of talked about it.テつ They were going to be aggressive, kind of like one of my fastballs rise.テつ I just went out there with the attitude to attack him with my fastball and try to work my other pitches off of that.

Q.テつ Chris and then Hunter, you guys obviously getting selected yesterday, did that kind of free you up to be able to go out and focus solely on this game and give your best effort today?
CHRIS SADBERRY:テつ It's kind of good to get that out of the way with and not have to worry about that stuff going on.テつ Kind of put that aside and focus on winning for Texas Tech.
HUNTER REDMAN:テつ Yeah, same comment as him.テつ It's always nice to get it out of the way, but at the same time, if it wouldn't have happened, we had a game at 12:00, and that's what we were going to do.テつ So either way just come out ready to play today.

Q.テつ Hunter and Chris, can you just talk about both of the plays at the plate.テつ They were both really close.テつ Could have been a run, two runs possibly right there.テつ Talk about both those plays at the plate.
CHRIS SADBERRY:テつ I think Tim kind of set the tone there for the day when he made that play and Hunter was able to block the plate and get him out.テつ That was really big.テつ The other one I just tried to get to it as quick as I could and get it to Hunter because I saw he was blocking the plate once again, and had a chance to get him out.
HUNTER REDMAN:テつ Yeah, he made two good pitches to that guy and luckily got it on his hands and a little chopper.テつ Heck of a play by him coming to get it, and getting rid of it quick.

Q.テつ Hunter, you've hit on a few great weekend moments already.テつ Obviously you had more today, the hit, and then the catch that Coach Tadlock talked about near the dugout.テつ Could you just talk about your day in general and how great of a defensive day you've had?
HUNTER REDMAN:テつ I mean, I just came out with an edge just like the rest of the team.テつ Luckily the ball rolled my way.テつ It's baseball.テつ It's a crazy game, and I'm blessed to be able to be here doing this.

Q.テつ Tyler, talk about offensively a little bit like Miami, the hits, the scoring opportunities didn't come in bunches, but you guys were able to get enough out there today?
TYLER FLOYD:テつ Yeah, these playoff games, it seems like it gets tougher and tougher to get hits.テつ Every time we try to get runners in scoring position, we're just trying to get them in any way we can.テつ We know one or two runs will be enough, especially when Chris pitches like he did.

Q.テつ For any of the players, you guys have made a man that of playing the game in front of you.テつ But with what's at stake tomorrow, is that going to be tougher with that in the back of your minds?
CHRIS SADBERRY:テつ I don't really think so.テつ We kind of take that from Coach Tadlock to show up with an edge every day, ready to go.テつ Nothing changes.テつ Yeah, there is a big game on the line, but at the same time, we're just going to show up every day, ready to play.
HUNTER REDMAN:テつ Yeah, they're a heck of a team.テつ We know tomorrow we're going to come out and play one of our best games we've played.テつ Just come out ready to go.

Q.テつ Was the crowd inspirational for you?
HUNTER REDMAN:テつ Unbelievable.テつ It was awesome.
CHRIS SADBERRY:テつ Yeah, it was a great feeling in the first inning to go out there and hear them chanting and everything. テつIt was really huge.テつ I think it played a big factor in the game.
TYLER FLOYD:テつ It's got to be tough to play in front of a big crowd like that.テつ All I know it is I wouldn't want to play in front of them.

Q.テつ Tyler, at what point did you realize it went under his glove?
TYLER FLOYD:テつ He started me off with a fastball in.テつ It wasn't a good pitch to hit.テつ I saw I think it was a changeup.テつ He left it up a little bit, and I was able to get enough of a barrel on it to get in the outfield.
BLAYNE BEAL:テつ Questions for Coach Tadlock.

Q.テつ Coach, could you talk about Hunter Redman, and just how tough he was today in those three plays?テつ Those three plays really made the difference in the ballgame.
COACH TADLOCK:テつ Really did.テつ I mean, he's a tough kid.テつ I think he just eluded to it.テつ I mean, he's doing a pretty good job of playing each pitch.テつ As a catcher, that's really probably the hardest thing to do because they're literally in on every pitch.テつ A bad catcher, everybody here, you don't have to know baseball to know if there's a bad catcher back there.テつ It looked like a dog I used to have.テつ Looked like a Golden Retriever running to the back of the back stop.テつ It was a good dog, too.テつ I'm telling you, a really good dog.
I mean, he can really catch.テつ Obviously, when the Los Angeles Dodgers take you in the 8th round, those guys are putting a lot of money into a lot of pitching, if you know what I'm saying.テつ I thought it made a lot of sense to take a guy that can really catch and on top of that he's a better guy, better character.

Q.テつ It seems like no matter who you choose they're going to go up there and put some goose eggs on the board.
COACH TADLOCK:テつ Can we get that in writing?

Q.テつ Have you got a magic formula or magical genius telling you who is going to throw the shutout today?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ No, we'll sit down here as a staff this evening and talk about it and do the best can on picking the right guy.テつ I mean, it's not very often you're going to win a Game 1‑0 in college baseball.テつ I mean, our guys just need to go out, stay within themselves and do the best they can.

Q.テつ Coach, can you just talk about that Sadberry performance being consistent for you all year, and did it again in a big way today?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ I think he said it, Timmy made a really big play there for him throwing the guy out at home.テつ I really don't think Timmy was doing anything out of the ordinary.テつ In other words, he saw he had him by a good ways to throw him out.テつ I don't think Timmy tries to make that play or hopes he doesn't if there is a doubt if he's going to be out or not.テつ I don't think there was any doubt in Timmy's mind he had the guy.テつ That's what you want guys to do is trust their instincts and play baseball the way they've always played as far as all that goes.
But Chris was really solid.テつ But at the same time, I really think we caught some breaks during that game.テつ I mean, there were some balls hit hard throughout the game.テつ Then when you get two guys out at home in the same game, you've got something kind of going your way.テつ You know, we got lucky today I guess you could say.

Q.テつ Coach, is there any chance you'll announce who the starter is today for tomorrow?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ Oh, there's a chance.テつ There's always a chance.テつ We might announce it before we're done, but I doubt it.テつ We've got some coaches over there that want a say in it.

Q.テつ George touched on it earlier, will you have a message for your players, what's at stake or let's just play the game ahead of us?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ Yeah, we do, but it's not anything magical.テつ Play baseball.テつ It's a baseball game.テつ Show up and play, and play the game the right way.テつ Respect the game.テつ I mean, you can't always control what goes on, but you can sure play the game the right way.

Q.テつ Any discussion in the dugout between the 8th and 9th about sending Sadberry out in the ninth or did you know he was done after the 8th?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ Oh, absolutely, there was discussion.テつ We talked about it.テつ He was at 98 pitches, you can go back and look at our season, if you wanted to, and you can see most of our guys don't go much moreover 100.テつ It's very rare.テつ So really at that point, it was really a pretty easy call.テつ It's really easy now that it's over, right?テつ I mean, if it goes the other way, it was like, man, that was stupid, why didn't he pull that guy?
So when you're managing the game, you really like it when it works out that way and you can take care of the guy.

Q.テつ You had a lot of games like this that were 1‑0, 2‑0 through a lot of the games in Miami.テつ How much did that help keeping the guys focused knowing how to play the game at that point?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ Well, I think Miami was last week, and we weren't thinking about Miami today.テつ We were thinking about playing The College, as they call them.テつ And really weren't thinking about playing‑‑ we were thinking about playing baseball and playing it the right way.テつ We scored one run.テつ I mean, it was not like we were the '27 Yankees today by any means.テつ We scored one and pitched it pretty good, and play decent defense and caught a couple breaks.

Q.テつ Coach, your players talked about the crowd today.テつ What did the crowd mean to you and your staff?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ Come on, Chuck.テつ Come on.テつ You know better than that.テつ I'm not good at reflecting on that.テつ I'm really not, but it's special.

Q.テつ Can you just talk about Johnny coming in with the pressure in the ninth and a one‑run lead and finishing it out?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ He, what you could say, is he executed pitches.テつ I mean, it's not easy getting the last three outs of a game.テつ It's not.テつ He might have made it look kind of easy.テつ The second hitter really scored the ball up.テつ The guy did everything you could do wise.テつ He really did as far as that goes.テつ I mean, that ball, if it's here to that chair over there, it's a hit.テつ That's how hard it was hit.テつ You've got to realize this this game, you've got to get some breaks.テつ We've got a ball hit right at us when we needed it.

Q.テつ Coach, there was some outfield seating available today.テつ Would you like to see more of that in the future?
COACH TADLOCK:テつ That's not my call.テつ We've got plenty of people around here to figure out where people need to sit and all that stuff.テつ I'm going to deal with what's going on between those lines hopefully.

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