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June 7, 2014

Ellen Port


Q.  Overall, a pretty successful morning, afternoon for Team USA, wouldn't you say?
ELLEN PORT:¬† Yeah, it's a nice start.¬† I know GB&I, I know how tough they are and that they were going to come back and throw a lot of good golf at us, and we answered the call, and, you know, got‑‑ how many points two?¬† And they got one.¬† It's good.¬† You want to maintain that lead, and we increased it one, so that's good.

Q.  Talk about match one.  Alison Lee was knocking down the flag it seemed to be the whole entire back nine.
ELLEN PORT:  Yeah, but the first word out of my mouth is Kyung Kim.  She's been our steadiest sparkplug, most steady player we've had in this competition.  She made five birdies on her own.
And you go ask Alison Lee about yesterday morning and ask her about today, and that's what this team does is complement each other.  It's neat, and in this type of format, when your format maybe gets the par, you want the birdie; they are those kind of players.  They are sticking it, both of them are.
So that first match was huge.  I went back with that lineup.  You're always asking yourself, what do you do, and I have so many options.  I could have completely mixed it up.
I would have liked to have done things a little bit differently but because we had so much success on Friday, I kept Alison and Kyung together, and Kyung is going to go back out this afternoon, because she has more heart than any player I think I've ever seen.  She's amazing.

Q.¬† And the second point comes out of the clean‑up hitters, and again, a pretty tough pairing?
ELLEN PORT:¬† Yeah, you know, what it's neat how it works out.¬† We ended up putting them out last, and Emma missed a little but, a 6‑footer she really wanted after the rain delay to build that lead up a little bit.
That's what I was hoping is that our momentum wouldn't be lost in that rain delay, and they came back and Emma played‑‑ I think her words were, some of her best golf she had and Mariah was saying the same thing.¬† When Mariah had to make a shot, she did, but I think she was applauding her partner a little bit today.¬† We are a team, so it's great to get that point.

Q.  The last pairing, obviously they played great.  Lost to good golf, obviously.  What did you say to them?
ELLEN PORT:  I told Erynne she's going out really soon and to shake it off and I asked Annie what she thought about that putt.  She's a great player, and she's going to get to go be the impact player not swinging the club today.  So she's in there getting ready to change shoes and go out and cheer on her teammates.

Q.  Just speak briefly, really fabulous play by Bronte there coming down the stretch.
ELLEN PORT:¬† Right, she's a gamer.¬† Very competitive and inspirational and hit some great golf shots and that's what you need.¬† You need your players to step up and do that and I'm happy for them.¬† That's the great thing about golf is if you get it done; and then Annabel, her partner, made the good 2‑putt there and she had it below the hole and had I think a little easier putt at it.
And that's what St.Louis is all about; Annie is pin‑high and it was just a fast putt.

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