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June 7, 2014

Annabel Dimmock

Bronte Law


Q.テつ Even better than yesterday afternoon, but take us through starting at 16, that was an incredible stretch of golf, for you everybody especially?
BRONTE LAW:テつ I felt like the whole way around we just weren't quite there.テつ The putts weren't dropping.テつ We were inching away from making something great, and then on 16, I really fancied the putt.テつ Even though it was long, we had been practicing those putts all week, and as soon as that went in, I felt really, really good about the last couple of holes.
It was important that I went first on 17, stick it in close.テつ Definitely with the wind picking up, put a little bit of pressure on them and it absolutely worked.
Then obviously 18, it's a tough hole, as well.テつ Just getting on the green, 2‑putting, we knew that that would also put the pressure on them, and it absolutely did.テつ You know, level parcoming down ‑‑ well, all‑square coming down the 18, you think about yesterday and you fancy your chances.
We just knew that something good was going to happen.テつ We played well all day.テつ The rain delay helped us because they had the momentum at that point and it broke it up a little bit, so that was nice.テつ But absolutely just played really well out there.

Q.テつ And for second day in a row, it's almost‑‑ not much else has gone well for the team but you guys seem to be a ray of hope?
ANNABEL DIMMOCK:テつ It's the best thing, obviously coming out yesterday, I was nervous, my first Curtis Cup.テつ But then having one of my best friends playing with me, really relaxed me I felt in the afternoon, and made me play my golf.

Q.テつ How nervous were you hitting the second shot into 18?
ANNABEL DIMMOCK:テつ I mean, I had faith in my partner to make up‑and‑down, but she would have holed that putt anyway.テつ Yeah, pretty nervous.

Q.テつ Great ball‑striking down the stretch.テつ I think you are the first player in two days to almost reach 15 in two.
ANNABEL DIMMOCK:テつ I didn't strike it that well. テつIt's so hard to hit that 3‑wood.テつ It's hard enough hitting a 3‑wood uphill but off a down hill when the ball is above your feet, I found that tough.テつ I don't actually hit my 3‑wood that high but I kind of caught it off the bottom and let it go.テつ It's just a shame I couldn't get the 2‑putt.

Q.テつ Must give you a lot of confidence, given your performance the last couple of days going into the remaining half of the matches?
ANNABEL DIMMOCK:テつ Yeah, it definitely will, 100 percent.テつ I think me and Bronte are playing well at the moment so I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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