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June 7, 2014

Kawhi Leonard


Q.  When did you start noticing that he was having problems or did you notice it when you were guarding him? When did you notice something might be wrong?
KAWHI LEONARD:  I never really noticed.  He was still scoring the ball and making good passes.  But I just noticed when he came out of the game.

Q.  When you get two early fouls, is that kind of a factor in your mind when you're trying to avoid that third foul?
KAWHI LEONARD:  I just try to go out there and play the same game.  If I'm not aggressive, then it stops my rhythm and my team needs me out there to be aggressive, not to just wonder around the floor.

Q.  Is there some extra pressure on you to be aggressive in order to try to get to LeBron and make him work on the other end, too?
KAWHI LEONARD:  I felt the pressure all year.  I've been guarding the best player on the opposite team throughout the whole year.

Q.  Not from your standpoint but from an offensive standpoint do you need to put pressure on him to make him work on the other end, too?
KAWHI LEONARD:  I mean, like I just said, both ends of the floor, my guys are wanting me to be aggressive, and doesn't matter who is in front of me, I just have to play the same game and just play hard.

Q.  Kawhi, were you happy with the kinds of shots you guys got in Game 1?
KAWHI LEONARD:  Yeah, I mean, we didn't shoot that many contested shots.  A little bit more with our passing that we didn't do a good job with, but I don't think we really took any contested shots.  I think we did a good job moving the ball. 

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