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June 6, 2014

Annabel Dimmock

Bronte Law


Q.テつ So you're coming in and trying to take this last hole, what's the feelings out there?
BRONTE LAW:テつ We were just thinking about hitting a good drive down the fairway, getting on green and hoping to hole a putt.テつ You know, we weren't trying to force it.テつ We saw the drive down the fairway and we fancied our chances.
All the greens out here, the 3‑putts can come out of anywhere.テつ So you just have to hope‑‑ and I really think that the matches at the half‑‑ we both played really well.テつ You know, either of us could have taken it.テつ It was one of those games.テつ We were up for most of it and they turned it around.
ANNABEL DIMMOCK:テつ We played solid.

Q.テつ How long were the putts on 18?
BRONTE LAW:テつ 25‑‑ 35.

Q.テつ Sometimes being able to bring a comeback here gives you a better feeling than a big victory; how do you feel?
BRONTE LAW:テつ Absolutely.テつ I feel like it gives us momentum going into tomorrow.テつ You know, a half can sometimes feel better than a win.
ANNABEL DIMMOCK:テつ It's a massive come back because I feel like we were place better most of the time.
BRONTE LAW:テつ Pars feel better than birdies.テつ It's one of those things.テつ It's the momentum shift.テつ We'll take that into tomorrow and come out raring to go.

Q.テつ How do you start preparing for tomorrow?
BRONTE LAW:テつ Rest.テつ Eat, hydrate, absolutely.
ANNABEL DIMMOCK:テつ It's all about rest.テつ You don't realize how much adrenaline you use up in a day out here.テつ It's only when you get back to the hotel‑‑
BRONTE LAW:テつ And you collapse on your bed and all your energy is gone and you just have to get ready for tomorrow.
ANNABEL DIMMOCK:テつ By resting.テつ There's no other way really.

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