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June 6, 2014

Josef Newgarden

Will Power

Justin Wilson


Q.テつ That's not the way you wanted to end the second day.テつ It was a 70.
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ It was solid.テつ I missed a few fairways and if you miss fairway here's you're going to pray the price.テつ I hit a lot of good shots and I'm rolling the ball really well.テつ I would have taken 5-under after the first two days if you asked me.テつ I'm right in it for the weekend.

Q.テつ For the weekend considering how the course played out there because the conditions really looked to be variable.
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ It was really windy when we started yesterday and we got the delay and we got to play in the evening, which was nice, and then this morning for probably 9, 10 holes it was very nice again but now the wind kicked up and the rain is coming, the storms are coming back.
You know, it's a little tricky coming in.テつ The greens are great.テつ Hit the fairways you ought to be able the make birdies.テつ Conditions are nice.

Q.テつ Get yourself some rest.
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ Thanks.

Q.テつ Thank you.テつ With Davis Love and, Davis, after you see Ben Crane you might think an even par for you in the second round might not be that good.
But, all in all, though, this has got to be a good and comfortable for you to be in position coming in here today.
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ I like playing here.テつ I'm disappointed.テつ I hit three, four drives today that were really bad and cost me a couple shots, probably, but I'm rolling the ball really well.テつ I hit it in the fairways, my iron play is good enough, I can -- if I can roll it I can make some birdies.
I'm excited about my game.テつ It's been coming around.テつ My finishes and my scores haven't really indicated it but I've been working hard and my game is coming around.テつ It's nice to see some results.

Q.テつ When you finished tied for 3rd here a couple years ago, had a chance to win, what were some of the things that did you well there that you can incorporate this week?
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ I've been making lots much birdies here.テつ I actually made more birdies than Harris last year.テつ So, I can make birdies on this golf course.テつ I just got to eliminate the mistakes and miss a fairway, you pay the price.テつ Hit it close to the hole.テつ Got to hit a lot of fairways and then I can play.
It's not a par 5 golf course where like a guy like me or Dustin can eat up the par-5s and make a lot of birdies and eagles.テつ There's a lot of opportunities for ball-strikers who put it in the fairway.

Q.テつ You're going to be off the course when people get in before any potential weather.テつ You have two rounds complete.テつ How will you spend your time here?
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ Well, got to workout and then the big decision whether you take your nap under the covers or on top of the covers as Coach Madden always asked me.
Get to hang out.テつ It's nice.テつ I know I'll play late so I have a nice restful afternoon.テつ After withdrawing from Memorial, I'll be glad to put my toes up for a little while and rest and go get them this weekend.

Q.テつ Pleased with today's round?テつ How is the course treating you?
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ I was pleased with a lot of holes.テつ I had a few bogies out there and made a few mistakes but, all in all, 5-under after two days is not a bad position.テつ I like being done.テつ Now the weather is coming in.テつ I like being done and be able to sit around and relax for awhile.

Q.テつ With Ben at 12-under, you mentioned 5-under.テつ This course has a way of kind of evening things out over four rounds.テつ Position-wise as you mention, you got to be happy going into the weekend.
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ I would doubt he's going to be 24-under.テつ The scores here seem to have been getting lower every year.テつ If you're 10, 12-under par for four days you're doing really well.
So, he's off to a great start and we'll have to run him down and he's a great putter and these greens are perfect so he's got the advantage on us right now but just hang in there.

Q.テつ Like you mentioned, there were some bogies out there for you but for two days you've been playing relatively well.テつ Give you a lot of confidence, especially you played well here before going into the weekend?
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ I like the golf course.テつ I played well here before.テつ I love these greens, I love bermuda greens.テつ Even though I misread the green a couple times I feel like I've got an advantage growing up on bermuda.テつ I like playing the style of golf.テつ So I'll be patient on the weekend, hit some fairways, I can hang in there.

Q.テつ Davis, how difficult is it, you're not dealing with a delay today but for two days now there's been huge storms that have kind of wrecked havoc on guys finishing.
As a veteran, how do you deal with delays not knowing how long they might be or what kind of toll it will take through the four rounds?
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ I was hustling on the hole knowing we had to sit around, I might have to come back tomorrow and putt on the last hole.テつ You know, the strategy, you just try to get it done if you can.テつ If you can't, you got to be patient.
These guys -- we have to sit around for hours yesterday so these guys will have to do the same thing this afternoon.テつ The forecast wasn't good at the beginning of the week.テつ We were all expecting this.テつ Grind it out until it's over, I guess.

Q.テつ How much desire do you have to win another PGA TOUR event?テつ You have a lot of them.テつ Not many guys that won a Tour event at your age.
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ Lot of desire.テつ I want to keep coming out here.テつ I got asked two times today by the guys in my group, "When are you going to the Champions Tour?"テつ I don't want to go.テつ I like playing out here.
Bass Pro Shop is putting on a great tournament this week.テつ It would be a lot of fun and eventually I will be there.テつ But I like playing Memphis.テつ I've had a chance to win here the last few years and I want to especially keep it up.
As long as I feel like I can compete -- today, there was a lot of holes I felt like I was the best player in the field and I lot of holes I felt like I ought to be to the Champions Tour.
I'm still caught in the middle but I'm enjoying it out here.テつ I'm making cuts and I want to continue to play out here with these guys for a little longer.

Q.テつ Guys in your group asked you, were they taunting you?
DAVIS LOVE, III:テつ Trying to get rid of me.テつ I guess since I was a stroke ahead of them all day, they're trying get rid of me.テつ No.テつ I've been playing with these guys for a long time and they're like, "Are you ever going to go play the other side?"テつ I haven't played one yet.テつ I turned in April.テつ They're watching me play and saying, "Wow, he's making cuts and still out there."

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