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June 1, 2014

Adam Scott


Q.  Seemed like in some ways the golf gods were against you, especially on 15 you hit the pin.  How tough is that to kind of come to terms with?
ADAM SCOTT:  Golf is‑‑ I got a good break, too, out there today, so it all evens out.
The fact is I didn't hit enough good shots on the back nine today.

Q.  We got to 11 and you had hit the lead, and you're right in there, another big chance, but I guess that just little push on 12 probably was the start of where it went a little awry.
ADAM SCOTT:  I mean, I hit two poor shots and paid the price, set it in here.  You don't hit good shots, you get in trouble around this place.
And I also knew everyone was going to struggle coming in, because it's just tough, tough holes, tough to get it near the hole and tough to get down in two shots if you're off the green.
So it was disappointing, I must say, today.

Q.  It always stings this quickly after that, but it's another really hard finish for you.  You just keep rolling on in that regard?
ADAM SCOTT:  I'm playing really well.  And I think the one shot that I didn't like today was on the 12th and may or may not have been the start of a bad run.  If you hit it on the green there and make two putts, you never know what's going to happen, keeps that solid round going.
But it's something I'm working on, that shot.  You're always working on things in your game.  And you have shots you're more comfortable with than others.
And that's just something for me to work on next week, is that left‑to‑right wind.

Q.  How lucky were you on ‑‑ obviously hitting the flags on 15, that was a pretty big turn of events.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, that's a big swing there.  I mean, likelihood is the wedge finishes pretty close, especially with a backstop behind the hole.  It's going to be inside the circle that you like to be in, and then I'm right there with three to go.
But left myself in a spot down the front of the green.  It's very hard to get it up‑and‑down.  And the grass is so tight down there and there's no margin for error on the chip.  And I just missed the slope to come back to the hole a little bit.
It's the way it goes.  You get lucky breaks and you get bad ones.

Q.  In those situations where you feel‑‑ seemed like you were hitting the ball well and where you wanted to hit it, does that help coming out of here knowing that, okay, it's not like I hit it all over the map; I just couldn't get the breaks?
ADAM SCOTT:  I'm playing good.  I know that.  I'm not going to try and go searching for answers over this one.
The 12th hole and the 14th hole are the two mistakes I felt I made out there.  And they demand the highest quality of shot under that kind of pressure.  Those angled greens that are the toughest to play, especially when the pins are both back right, there's a very little area of green to hit at, and I just didn't execute on those shots.
And give me something to work on.  Like I said, I'm pretty disappointed because I played so beautifully the first nine and 10, 11 holes.

Q.  You're heading to Pinehurst the next two days.  Maybe expecting obviously to get a good look there and take some momentum into the major?
ADAM SCOTT:  I think I've got good momentum going into the major, absolutely.  I've just brought my game exactly where I want it to be.  I've contended the last two weeks.  That's a good feeling.
Hopefully I can do the same thing at Pinehurst and can use some experience out of‑‑ fresh experience to get me over the line there.

Q.  I know you haven't been there to look at it quite yet, but are you expecting a different look of a U.S. Open to work to your favor given your results at that tournament‑‑
ADAM SCOTT:  I hope so.  Hopefully.

Q.  At PLAYERS you talked about maybe deciding to got to Colonial because you felt like going on the range wasn't really the way you wanted to go.  For these two weeks, would you have asked ‑‑ except for winning last week and almost winning this week, would you have asked for any more coming out of these two weeks?
ADAM SCOTT:  No.  Obviously with seven or eight holes to go today, I would have loved to have been in with a chance teeing off with the last.
But other than that, I've done exactly what I needed to do.  I think I had a feeling that I needed to play and that I could play my way into a bit of form, and I've done that.
So I'm going into Pinehurst really confident.  I'm swinging the club as good as I have this year.  There's no doubt about that.  And every other part of my game feels really good.
They're all good signs with everything this week.  When I had to get the ball up‑and‑down, I did a good job of that.  I made a lot of nice putts.
Things are developing nice.  I feel good about that.

Q.  Seeing the way that others did struggle down the stretch, does that add to the frustration if only certain things had gone differently?
ADAM SCOTT:  Of course.  The whole thing is frustrating as I stand here right now.
But everyone's going to feel like that.  We all could have done something different.  If we all did, who knows what the result would be.

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