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May 31, 2014

John Hochstatter

Mark Marquess

Austin Slater



MARK MARQUESS:¬† Well, it was a very good game.¬† I thought their pitcher did a great job.¬† I thought their lefty was really tough.¬† Really didn't have many opportunities.¬† We got a couple of big hits by Slater, but he really baffled us a lot.¬† He started changing speeds after the second or third inning a lot very effectively and kept us off‑balance, did a real good job.
But I was proud of Hoch.  Hochstatter did a good job.  Didn't have his best stuff today, but we had a couple chances to get back in it.  But again the lefty came up with a big pitch and he won that battle a couple of times.
Again, very good, very solid team.  They are a very veteran team, a lot of older players, and they are very dangerous throughout the lineup.  They were better than they were tonight.  They won the big spots and played better than we did but they are a very good team, very, very tough; as I said, power, speed and played really good.  But the difference was the pitching.  Their guy pitched a great game today.

Q.  You had as much success as anybody tonight, what was it you saw tonight or in preparation for tonight that allowed you to be so successful tonight?
AUSTIN SLATER:¬† Going into the game, we knew he was going to mix speeds and he was pretty effective all game.¬† I was just trying to stay back and drive it to right field.¬† I got out in front of a couple balls, and‑‑ yeah.

Q.  What happened on the home run to Travis?
JOHN HOCHSTATTER:  Sure, I got behind a little early and I think he was sitting (ph) fastball and he beat me on it.  Nothing more than that.

Q.  Moving forward now, playing Youngstown State tomorrow, who do you anticipate pitching or how do you do pitching, knowing that you could potentially play two games tomorrow?
MARK MARQUESS:  Well, the good news is we didn't use a lot of arms tonight.  So we have enough arms.  It's a doubleheader tomorrow hopefully for us if we can win the first one.
So arm‑wise, we're all right.¬† I'll go back and look at Youngstown and see how we match up and how we want to do that, how we want to break the pitching up.¬† Again, we have enough arms that are rested, so we'll be able to do that.
I'm just not quite sure who we'll pitch next; but we can pitch James, who has been our third starter or Hanewich or a couple other guys that we can go to.  We'll decide that and get a little bit more look at Youngstown and see how we match up there.
We know if we in what we have to do with Indiana; we just hang in there.¬† So hopefully we have a quick turnaround tonight and hopefully we can play a double‑header tomorrow.

Q.¬† Their left‑hander, DeNato, obviously a California kid, was he a guy you recruited at all?¬† Did you know anything about him?
MARK MARQUESS:  I did not know that.  I think Coach Filter said he was from San Diego area.  We did not recruit him.  Wish we had.  It would be great.
But he did a great job.  Again, like I said, he knows how to pitch and he's got a great move to first base.  It's hard to run on him.  Again, he is a veteran pitcher that knows how to pitch and his record is indicative of that.  He's very good.  He's a winner.  He did a good job tonight.

Q.¬† You talked about him changing speeds.¬† In particular it seems like the biggest pitches he got over were some breaking balls.¬† I guess how much did that keep your guys off‑balance, his ability to get that breaking pitch over in a big spot?
MARK MARQUESS:  Well, I think that's the key to pitching.  You want to change speeds.  The hitters can't really focus in on one speed.  He does a very good job of that.  I think all the good pitchers can do that.  I thought his command was really good.  I think he walked one player; he walked Dedelow (ph) I think.  He was ahead most of the time.
Changing speeds is the key.  If you can only throw it 95 miles an hour, they will hit it.  But if you throw it 88 to 90 and you've got a good change and you've got a breaking ball; he threw all three of them, and that changing speed was really the difference and that's what makes the good ones and he's very good.

Q.¬† I think they came up with a big hit, I think in the eighth to go up 4‑2.¬† How important was that for them when you guys fell behind 4‑2 to get that insurance run?
MARK MARQUESS:¬† Yeah, that was a big hit.¬† You know, it was 3‑2m and they got that big hit with two outs off Castellanos, our reliever, and that was a big spot.¬† The guy had a good at‑bat there.¬† We had him 2‑2, and then went 3‑2, and then we got a little fastball up and he got a big hit.¬† That was ‑‑ because we had chances and we had runners in scoring position, and we might have bunted him over there in the eighth and ninth and it's a one‑run game.¬† That was a big insurance run for them.¬† That was a big hit, a big hit for them.

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