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May 31, 2014

Adam Scott


Q.  (Question about the 18th hole)?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, just hit a good shot and rather than planned, I mean, didn't feel wrong or anything, but that's just the way it is.  Just didn't get that one right.
So it's a shame because I really played great and the one mistake I make I managed to save and didn't on the last.
But I'm really happy with how I played today.

Q.  Put yourself in a really good position for back‑to‑back wins, might give yourself another chance?
ADAM SCOTT:  I mean, hopefully.  We'll see how they finish.  But it's going to take a great round tomorrow, by the looks of it, to have a chance.  But I had to have at least that today to stay somewhat with them.

Q.  How much does it help when you have a situation with the way Paul's playing to at least come back a little bit.  Bubba is still out there, but you have a case where somebody could really put some distance from you?
ADAM SCOTT:  You can, but it's very tough to do that, I mean, just at will, when you want to.  Especially around a track like this.  I've played with two guys for the last two days, and not to be negative, but have made three doubles in a row.  World‑class players.
You get a little out of position on this golf course and you can really pay the price and it's not easy to go out there with the lead and expectation of playing good and just run away with it.  It doesn't happen very often.  We're not seeing it happen very often.
But to answer that, I guess, is it's helpful to have that.  It's helpful to have that happen.

Q.  The eagle, can you walk us through that hole?
ADAM SCOTT:  I hit three really nice shots.  I hit a driver actually just went through the fairway in the first cut and then hit a really nice 6‑iron pin high to 25feet left and made it down the hill.  And I hit a string of really nice putts in a row, so it was nice to make the long one.

Q.  You just won the Texas scene; how would it feel to win the Ohio scene?
ADAM SCOTT:  It would feel good, that's for sure.

Q.  Can you quantify how tough it is to win back to back?  You did it in Australia late last year, but this is a bit higher quality field?
ADAM SCOTT:  It's very difficult.  I've never done it on the PGA TOUR.  So it's maybe one of the hardest things there is to do for me.

Q.  You mentioned yesterday if it stayed dry, which it hasn't done very often here, for four days that it would get really fiery over the weekend.  Wonder if you're seeing a difference day to day of what the expectation is for tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT:  I was pleasantly surprised today.  It still received shots nicely.  It's just in perfect‑‑ I would say it's in perfect condition.  And you hit a good shot, you get a good result.  And that's exactly where you want it.  It's not tricked up at all.  Just rewarding, good golf.

Q.  Can you elaborate on just your level of confidence right now?
ADAM SCOTT:  Obviously I'm playing with a lot of confidence.  But it's funny how quickly it can build because I went to Crowne Plaza having not swung the club very well at THE PLAYERS and not 100percent sure how I was going to play at Colonial last week, and then it really falls into place on Sunday.  And then by Thursday here I'm thinking I'm never going to miss a shot, and I played really nice this week.
So it can change so quickly, and you gotta take advantage of it when it's there.  But I feel real good.

Q.  How do you find course conditions change from the first hole to the last hole, with the wind and the greens drying up or not drying up?
ADAM SCOTT:  I mean, I think it was ideal conditions again today.  We're seeing pretty light winds and, again, like I said, the course is in perfect shape and you hit a good shot and the green receives it well.  It's not really fiery.
But also you've got to be in the right spot to take advantage of this golf course.

Q.  What do you do for tomorrow?  Do you have a target or do you just go out and play?
ADAM SCOTT:  I don't know.  I'll see if one of these guys have a hot finish.  I don't know what hole they're on.  I might have to shoot really low.  So we'll just wait and see, you never know.

Q.  Your thoughts on chasing Bubba of all people?
ADAM SCOTT:  It's going to be tough.  He's playing great this year.  And one of the hardest players out here this year.  And I just have to post a number.  I'm in a good position where I can possibly post a number, and that makes life a little harder for the leader.

Q.  If you're in good form, even if you're not winning, if you're consistently contending, do you worry as much about your position going into a weekend or going into a round where it's thinking whether I'm six back or five back or whatever, you know you're playing well, do you think about it less than if you're a little bit more scattered?
ADAM SCOTT:  No, because your eye is kind of on the prize.  Even if you're five or six, you've got to have some hope you can play a good round on Sunday and every shot counts.

Q.  Does it look farther away if you're not‑‑ if you haven't had recent success?
ADAM SCOTT:  It really depends how you're playing, I think, in that sense.  But maybe it does.  We've seen a lot of things happen, even I think quickly to Rory last week.  He was seven back and won the golf tournament.  It's not a lot when we've seen a lot of leads go the wrong way recently.
So it's tough to win out here.  So you just want to be up there.  And that's why I was happy with my round today, I'm thereabouts and heading towards the top of the leaderboard.

Q.  Some have said this is comparable to Augusta.  Do you find similarities?  Guys in green jackets (laughter)?
ADAM SCOTT:  Green jackets.  Green is the same thing.  I mean, no, it's not that similar, in my experience.

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