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August 29, 2005

Kim Clijsters


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Kim, please.

Q. How good do you feel about your tennis right now?

KIM CLIJSTERS: Well, I can't complain. I'm very happy with the way that I'm playing so far in this whole summer here in America. It's always, you know, always the first couple of matches you always have to get used to the, uhm, get used to the stadiums that you're playing on. That's always a little bit different every tournament you play. And obviously not being able to play here last year, it just took me a little while to get back into my rhythm out there in the beginning of the match. But three, four games into the match, I feel really good.

Q. Does it feel good to be back?

KIM CLIJSTERS: Great. It feels great. I was really, really excited coming here. I think I drove down here on Thursday. Being able to practice on center court a couple of times. Yeah, it felt very good. I was very happy to be here, to be playing here.

Q. Good crowd support?

KIM CLIJSTERS: Yeah, it was good, it was fun.

Q. Winning the US Open Series, how meaningful is it to you?

KIM CLIJSTERS: At the start, I don't know, maybe being in Europe I don't think there was that much attention drawn to it, I don't think. Once I got to Stanford, it was amazing. My first match, then I saw Mary Joe there, they were all making such a big deal out of it. I didn't really, you know -- like I was in WTA board and then I just heard a lot more about it. It was, yeah, just seeing how much even the people, like how much they get into it, especially here in America, it was incredible. Obviously like me winning those three tournaments, all of a sudden like people have been watching more and more tennis here, especially having the finals at 3 o'clock every Sunday, I think a lot of people got a lot more TV time, TV coverage here. That's definitely, you know, changed a lot, I think, that I can feel myself.

Q. All those events existed before. They tied them in.

KIM CLIJSTERS: I think it was a great initiative. I think it's definitely, you know, for both, for the ATP and the WTA, I think it's been a great new initiative. I think the USTA, I think the USTA is always, you know, the federation that always comes up with something new. They're also the ones that started talking about maybe the electronic line calls. I think they always try to do new things and I think that's why, yeah, they promote it really well, I think, this whole tournament.

Q. I was asking Andy about this the other night. We were talking about the double prize money. I said is that something that's more -- kind of gets the tennis fan, you know, excited about this? Do you actually think about the money? Do you really need more motivation to go out and win a US Open? Your thought --

KIM CLIJSTERS: No, no, not at all. I don't think about the money at all when I'm playing. So I never do, doesn't matter if it's, you know -- now of course like in the media, people like you, playing for $2.2 million if you win it. If I win it, yes, then I'll think about it. For now, that's not important. But I know that's something that draws a lot of attention, especially because it's going to be the biggest check, you know, in any sports event, I think. So, yeah, we'll see.

Q. Not like you're going to try any harder?

KIM CLIJSTERS: No, no, I always try hard.

Q. I figured as much.

KIM CLIJSTERS: Yeah (smiling).

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