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May 31, 2014

Lauren Chamberlain

Patty Gasso

Callie Parsons

Kelsey Stevens

Brittany Williams


Oklahoma: 3
UL Lafayette: 1

THE MODERATOR:  From Oklahoma we have Head Coach Patty Gasso, Kelsey Stevens, Lauren Chamberlain, Brittany Williams and Callie Parsons.  We will begin with an opening statement from Coach Gasso.
COACH GASSO:  That was a fight.  That was an absolute battle from start to finish.  We respect Lafayette's ability to swing and pitch.  They're tremendous athletes.  And I am so extremely proud of Kelsey Stevens and the fight she put in today to hold them to six hits but more than anything they left 11 runners on base, that means this one is finding ways to get out of innings.  Timely strikeouts.  They had opportunities numerous times and I'm just really, really proud of the way Kelsey found a way to get out of it and the way the defense played behind her.
I love the way we came out and scored 2 early in the game and Brittany Williams stepping up.  We had students throughout the game, we just didn't finish those innings.  We needed to be better in that area.  Callie, heads up, moving around the bases the way she does late in the game.  I think helped to bring more momentum and security as we were getting to the end of the game.
What a hard‑fought battle and we respect the abilities of Lafayette and the way they swing the bat.  Especially‑‑ I'm not surprised by Lexie Elkins and thankful nobody was on when she‑‑ because you figure she is going to hit the ball hard somewhere, sometime.  I'm proud of the fight that this team had to stay alive and continue on.  We're going to work as hard as we can to stay alive in this tournament.

Q.  Patty and Lauren and Brittany can jump in on this, I know you expect to get more offense and put more hits together but you took advantage of opportunities you got, didn't you feel that, Coach?
COACH GASSO:  I think Christina Hamilton has done a phenomenal job and we give her credit.  She makes us better, just like Jackie Traina makes us a better hitting team, because we have to go to work and figure things out.
I give her credit.  At the same time I thought we were battling with 2 strikes and I thought we looked at too many strikes.  We needed to be more aggressive earlier in the count and we felt that against Alabama as well and that change will be made as we go into our next game, but a lot of this credit goes to their pitcher.
LAUREN CHAMBERLAIN:  Hamilton did a great job of keeping us off balance a lot.  I think we hit some balls hard.  "Big ups" to Kelsey keeping us in the game, that's was a huge moment for us at the end with Callie's ball that she hit so I think everything just kinda fell into place at the end.
BRITTANY WILLIAMS:  Agreeing with Coach and Lauren, Hamilton did a great job.  We need to be aggressive more as an offense.  Our defense kept us in that game and we need to step up our offense.

Q.  Kelsey, seemed like you were under the gun all night.  How were you able to stay poised and get out of those jams you were in?
KELSEY STEVENS:  Just staying calm and keeping my composure.  I almost feel more comfortable under pressure situations it seems like.  I just really trust my defense and I know we need to keep the score down to keep in the game.

Q.  Kelsey, obviously a different performance than what you had in March.  Did you review anything from then or change an approach?  Was it just a nice job today working out of trouble?
KELSEY STEVENS:  We definitely changed some things up, looked at video and realized some things, so you saw me go into the arm band today and I think that helped, but overall they're still a good hitting team.  I just had to work really hard to do it.

Q.  Callie, talk about your inside‑the‑park home run.  You always seem to come up with big plays in big games and you did that today.  It was in front of you the whole time so you could see what was happening, right?
CALLIE PARSONS:  Right, well, this is a game of momentum and with Erin Miller in front of me, she didn't get that time‑out, that takes the momentum away.  So going at‑bat with the 2 outs I knew I had to do something to help us gain back that momentum, so I was trying to take my hacks and as soon as I saw she dropped the ball I took off running.  Saw her running back to get it and I looked at Coach and she was telling me to go all the way.

Q.  Coach, if you could talk about Erin's time‑out situation and then this afternoon you get just a couple hours to rest and regroup for Oregon.  Can you tell us about your approach to the Ducks?
COACH GASSO:  First, the time‑out.  The umpire made an announcement to Erin, do not step out of the box because pitcher had gotten into, like, a set position.  And in the environment and the adrenaline, I don't know that Erin heard her, I think she was expecting that she was going to get it.  So we discussed that, and there is not a lot we can do except learn from it.
In regards to preparing for Oregon what we need to do is get in some ice baths right now and start all over.  I think this team is going to be firing on all cylinders again tonight.  Our goal and mission is to be standing on this field Sunday.  That's all we care about.  How it's going to get done we don't know but we're going to give everything we have to be standing on this field on Sunday.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, guys.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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