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May 30, 2014

Camilo Villegas


Q.テつ What worked well for you today?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ I got it going there, especially toward the middle of the round.テつ Birdie on 8 and birdie on 9, and 10 is a tough hole.テつ Made a good par there.テつ And then birdied 12, 13, 14, 15.テつ And good par on 16.テつ 17 I had a good shot, good second shot, just had a really bad lie there just to the right of the green.テつ It looked like it was almost plugged.
Made bogey there.テつ And then made a very silly mistake there on 18.テつ Ended up making a huge putt for bogey.テつ And sometimes you've got to take those bogeys.
It was a good round.テつ I'm hitting it a lot better than I have in the last, say, few weeks and just looking forward for the weekend.

Q.テつ Can you explain ‑‑ folks have watched you play here in particular for a number of years.テつ Can you explain, just go back through your career path a little bit, the fact that golf is a game of highs and lows and the ones you've experienced in recent years?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ I think nobody's immune in golf of playing good and playing average, playing bad.テつ We've seen it from the best, from the guys down the middle of the pack and from the guys that are battling their back.
And, yes, the last two years haven't been my best, but it's part of the game.テつ It's part of life.テつ It's part of the career.
It's what I keep saying, is just keep waking every morning, good attitude, grind, work hard.テつ And things are not going good, you get home late at night and you get a little frustrated.テつ But guess what?テつ You wake up the next morning, do it all over again.

Q.テつ Were you surprised to walk off 17 and see you were leading?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ I looked at the leaderboard a little bit.テつ I saw on 14 I made a good birdie there.テつ I saw I was up there.テつ But, again, I'm second off.テつ There's other guys in the afternoon, it's Friday.テつ It doesn't mean much, you know what I mean?テつ There's a lot of golf to be played.
But like I said, I got it going in the middle of the round.テつ It was a nice little stretch.テつ Too bad I finished with a couple of bogeys, but it's all good.

Q.テつ To start the day eight shots back and find yourself where you are now speaks to the way things can change.
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Obviously I played well today.テつ I've had to ‑‑ once again, I made bogey on the last two, but I had a great round going.
Going back to your question on the leaderboard, it doesn't matter.テつ Again, it's Friday.テつ We're just trying to get ourselves into position.
Looks like I just did that for the weekend.テつ Again, tomorrow we'll try to stay around there, around the top, and then wrap it up and have a good day on Sunday.

Q.テつ When you said you're hitting it well, have you made a change?テつ Have you been working on a change?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Trust me, we're always working (laughter).テつ I changed my grip a little bit.テつ I changed my grip.テつ It was starting to get a little too strong.テつ That's just not me.テつ It's hard to shape the ball when you have a strong grip.
I regripped all my clubs and got them a little weaker.テつ And it feels awkward.テつ But it's coming out better.テつ So I don't mind that.

Q.テつ Is it easy to‑‑ if it was easy, I guess you would have fixed it by now.テつ But the last few years, do you know the reason why you've played the way you've played versus how you played before?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Game of golf has way too many angles.テつ And there's too many things happening at the same time.テつ And when it only takes a few of those things to go in the wrong direction and it starts snowballing‑‑ and so to answer your question, it ends up being‑‑ when guys have great years and also they have two bad years, it's not just one thing.
It's not like I say, oh, I putted terrible, I drove it terrible.テつ Guess what?テつ If you putt it terrible, then you're not confident with your putter, then your mind isn't there.テつ There's a lot more, then you're more frustrated.テつ When you get home, you have more stress.テつ It just gets busy.
You're playing great, everything is simple and it flows in.テつ But you have to understand it's part of the game and keep waking up every morning and doing it.

Q.テつ Have you changed equipment?テつ Have you changed teachers?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ No, not really.テつ No.テつ I feel very comfortable with everything I've had.テつ TaylorMade keeps coming out with great equipment all the time and keep working with the same guy.
And like I said, keep waking up every morning and doing the same thing.

Q.テつ From looking at your stats, it looks like putting is the best thing you've had going for you this year.テつ Is that correct?テつ Is that accurate?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Yeah, we looked at it last year, it was terrible.テつ So, again, that's what golf is.テつ And funny enough, this year I made a big change through the beginning of the year in terms of putting, in terms of, you know what, let's don't overthink this putting thing, let's go out there and be a little more athletic, more react to what we see.
Putting a lot better; started hitting it bad.テつ So go figure that one.テつ So now we work a little bit on the grip, hitting the ball a little bit straighter, and hopefully the puttscan drop.

Q.テつ You need to be putting more for birdie than (indiscernible)?
CAMILO VILLEGAS:テつ Yes, yes, we always want to do that.

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