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May 30, 2014

Reggie Jackson


Q. テつWhen you guys watched the film from last night, who were some of the things you guys need to do better?
REGGIE JACKSON:テつ Effort, physicality.テつ That's about it.テつ Other than that.テつ We know our backs are against the wall, playing at home in front of our crowd.テつ We're blessed to play another game.テつ We have to take care of business, whether it's defensively we're going to have to be more effort based and got to be physical.テつ That's how we frustrated them before.テつ Can't really get them get in a rhythm.

Q.テつ Other than the lineup changes, what did San Antonio do differently yesterday?
REGGIE JACKSON:テつ It's what we did.テつ We weren't physical.テつ We didn't touch them up.テつ What it is they did, I can't really‑‑ interior coverages or do anything defensively, if we don't give the effort and be physical.テつ I guess we've got to take the blame for that.

Q.テつ What's going on in this series?テつ Each team has had moments where they've had it one day and they didn't the next.
REGGIE JACKSON:テつ I don't know.テつ It's a crazy series.テつ Five ballgames, not really making sense.テつ Hopefully we can go ahead and get a W tomorrow.

Q.テつ You said last night you were pissed off at yourself.テつ Have you gotten over that?
REGGIE JACKSON:テつ No, still have it.テつ Film confirmed it.テつ Still pretty pissed at myself, played piss poor.テつ Doesn't really matter what I do offensively.テつ It's easy to give effort on the offensive end, but I really pride myself on being able to stop my man and didn't really do so.テつ It kind of trickled down, so I take the blame for that.

Q.テつ Why do you think it's so hard to match defensive intensity?
REGGIE JACKSON:テつ I don't know.テつ Individual pride.テつ If you want to stop your man‑‑ if you want to embarrass somebody, that's how you do it.テつ You shut them down.テつ That's it.テつ I take the blame for it.テつ Didn't really do it last night.テつ They got some easy baskets, whether it be driving, making plays for others, assists.テつ If I get blown by on the perimeter, it really makes it difficult to be in the right defensive match‑ups and stay close to their own man.

Q.テつ Seemed like the vast majority of that first quarter you guys were (inaudible) as opposed to the other way around.テつ What were you able to do on the offensive end to take them apart early that you'll need to do again?
REGGIE JACKSON:テつ We got some easy baskets.テつ Defensively in transition they were playing behind because we were physical, because we were effort based on defense.テつ We got out, had some joy playing offense.テつ I think it's probably just human nature to get a little down and maybe start trying to do things by yourself.
We made it tremendously hard for us once the ball kept going to the basket and they kept setting up on the defensive end.テつ Just take care of things defensively, I feel like we'll continue to get some easy baskets.

Q.テつ Guarding Green and Ginobili, what are the differences guarding them, and what do you feel like you need to do better against them?
REGGIE JACKSON:テつ I mean, they both can shoot the ball.テつ Ginobili is a little bit more of a play maker.テつ Green is getting himself and understands what he does for the team, constantly moving.テつ They both are.テつ They're both smart players.テつ There's a reason that the Spurs are here.テつ Everybody is tough to guard.テつ If I allow both of them to just play freely, of course it's going to be a hard matchup.テつ I've got to try to get under their skin, got to try to stop a little bit of easy movement.テつ Green had too many easy looks.テつ So did Ginobili.テつ He felt comfortable.テつ That made it tough and frustrating from the very start.

Q.テつ How are you feeling?
REGGIE JACKSON:テつ I'm feeling great.

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