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May 29, 2014

Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook


San Antonio – 117
Oklahoma City – 89

Q.  Kevin, I think your coach called the first quarter fool's gold.  He said maybe it appeared you guys were playing well and then after that you didn't.  Is that kind of how you saw it?
KEVIN DURANT:  Yeah, we just didn't play well across the board on defense.  They spread us out, hit threes, and we were late.  We were just a step slow.

Q.  Russell, in Game 4 your athleticism really flummoxed them around the perimeter.  What was different tonight?

Q.  Anything they did offensively to kind of neutralize what you were doing in Game 4 to get easy steals and easy buckets in transition?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  No.  I had three steals.

Q.  For both of you, please, the coach suggested we ask you all this.  How much of the problem was believing that you could potentially have a Game 7 and come back here, that that might have been part of the thinking somewhere?
KEVIN DURANT:  We was just focused on tonight, and we didn't win.  We've got to focus on Game 6.

Q.  With Matt Bonner and Boris Diaw being in the lineup, did they pull Serge out of the paint and change things up tonight?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  No, I wouldn't say that.  He was there.  They did a good job, like Kevin said, just spreading us out, hitting some open threes, and they shot 51 percent.  They couldn't have made all their shots.

Q.  Kevin, the offense sort of went south in the third quarter.  What happened second half that you weren't able to sustain what you had in the first half?
KEVIN DURANT:  Our shots weren't falling for us.  We've got to stay aggressive and we've got to get stops.  When we can't make a shot, we've got to play defense, and we didn't tonight.

Q.  Five games, five blowouts, what do you make of the way these games have played out?
KEVIN DURANT:  Yeah, every game has been double digits.  I really don't know.  We've just got to worry about the next game.  We're guaranteed 48 more minutes.  It's been an up‑and‑down series, but we've got to find a way to come with it in Game 6.  If we want to get to where we want to get to, we've got to win in San Antonio, but we've got to get to the next game.

Q.  Can you all explain why home‑court advantage has been so big in this series, and is that encouraging moving forward going back to Oklahoma City for Game 6?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I mean, it's important, but like Kevin said, if we want to get to the next level, we've got to win on the road.  Regardless of where we play at, we've just got to win.

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