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May 28, 2014

Gregg Popovich


Q. ¬†After watching the films, did it look as bad as it did last night once you sit there and‑‑
GREGG POPOVICH:  You're saying I looked bad?

Q.  Well, let me rephrase that, after just watching the films.
GREGG POPOVICH:  As I've said many times, you win a game, you lose a game, you go to the film, there are always things to find.  It doesn't matter if you won or lost as far as the film is concerned.  There are always things you can do better.  It's a game of mistakes.  There are things in the film that we think we can correct for tomorrow.

Q.  Are you considering any kind of lineup changes at this point?
GREGG POPOVICH:  We've considered a couple of tweaks here and there just in the game plan.  I don't know exactly where that'll be, but we saw a few things that we think might warrant a little tweak here and there.

Q.  You're sure nothing you'd care to share with us?
GREGG POPOVICH:¬† You're an insightful young man.¬† Part of it is there's the tactical part, the Os and the Xs and what you might do and that sort of thing, but in general we've got to play with the same determination that they did in Oklahoma City.¬† They played like a desperate team, and we did not match that.¬† That's the bottom line as far as the approach to the game.¬† We were behind in that regard, and that has to change.¬† It doesn't matter what we do tactically if we don't up that determination, that attitude, that persistent aggressive, ugly, hard‑nosed attitude.¬† That was embodied in them in Russell Westbrook.¬† He played like it was his last game, and that's the way it's got to be.

Q.  Does that surprise you you guys weren't able to match that given the experience of this team?  We were talking to Tony before he flew out, and he basically said, hey, we know from a couple years ago how quick a series can turn, so we can't go up there and roll over for them.
GREGG POPOVICH:  Well, part of that is also athleticism.  There's no way we can match their athleticism, so we've got to play smart and take advantage of a few situations because that athletic part is not going to be matched.  It's important for us to have a greater degree or sense of place, a sense of where we are and what kind of an opportunity we have here and to what degree do we want to take advantage of it.  These things don't come along every year to be in this kind of a position.  I am anxious to see what our approach is mentally to the game.

Q.¬† Is it hard to put 2012 out of your mind?¬† You're always‑‑
GREGG POPOVICH:  No, that's what you think about.  I don't think about it.

Q.¬† Do you think the rest of the team is‑‑
GREGG POPOVICH:  Sure.  They're focused on what we have to do now with this team.

Q.¬† Did Cory's play kind of embody the spirit that you‑‑
GREGG POPOVICH:  It's interesting you say that.  In the film session today, I actually told the team, everybody has got to take on the attitude of Cory Joseph, a take no prisoners, bunker mentality, attitude.  He was fantastic, and he did that better than anybody on our team yesterday.

Q.¬† Athletically is he maybe I guess your best bet in terms of trying to match up with Russ at point?¬† That's a big challenge.¬† He's an All‑Star, but did you like what you saw athletically from him, as well?
GREGG POPOVICH:  I liked Cory's approach to the game.  I liked his attitude.

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