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May 28, 2014

Alan Bratton

Wyndham Clark

Ian Davis

Talor Gooch

Jordan Niebrugge

Zachary Olsen


THE MODERATOR:テつ We have Oklahoma State University.テつ Congratulations on a great season this year.テつ We have coach ALAN BRATTON as well as Talor Gooch, Zachary Olson, Wyndham Clark, Ian Davis and Jordan Niebrugge.テつ We'll have some opening comments from Coach Bratton and then we'll ask each of the student athletes a quick question.
ALAN BRATTON:テつ Well, this was a really good season for us.テつ Obviously we got to the match that we wanted and didn't get the result that we wanted, but unfortunately I didn't see all the matches so I don't know exactly how everything shook out, but the golf that I saw was really good.テつ We've got tons of positive experiences to draw on from the whole week and from the season.テつ We're going to lose two big parts of our team.テつ Talor and Ian are seniors, but they can leave here proud of their careers at Oklahoma State, and I hope they roll into their professional careers and kill it out there.
We've got a great nucleus coming back going forward, so I'm excited about the future.テつ These kind of losses are never easy.テつ The season always comes to an abrupt end.テつ But after we get over the hurt of not quite climbing that last hurdle, I know our guys will look back on this year and be proud of what they've accomplished.テつ We've got nothing to hang our heads about, and I'm really pleased with the way the year went.

Q.テつ Talor, talk about your match today, just your thoughts in general.
TALOR GOOCH:テつ Unfortunately I didn't have my "A"game today.テつ I just didn't have my stuff, and it was a grind out there.テつ He actually didn't play well, either.テつ I'm sure both of us probably wouldn't have won any other match today.テつ He just happened to make a couple more putts than I did, and I missed a couple short ones at the end that sealed the deal.

Q.テつ Wyndham, your thoughts on your match and how it went for you today?
WYNDHAM CLARK:テつ I got on top pretty early, and I just wanted to take it to him and get the point early so that these guys would see that we've got a point on the board and show them that we're just two points away from winning it.テつ Unfortunately coming in I hit some bad shots and didn't get it done as early as I wanted, but still at the time it was great to get the point, and then unfortunately soon after it didn't matter.

Q.テつ Zach, your thoughts on playing in the National Championship match today?
ZACHARY OLSEN:テつ Yeah, it was a great experience.テつ Me and Robby I think both played really well, and obviously it's very disappointing to lose.

Q.テつ Jordan, same question for you?
JORDAN NIEBRUGGE:テつ I didn't play that well, but it was kind of just a so‑so day.テつ No one really took the match all day.テつ I made a few mistakes coming in, 14, 15 that pretty much kind of just kept off the round.テつ We ended up not getting to finish, but it's just disappointing to get this far and not win, but it is great to get this opportunity and to get ourselves, our team in this position more often will give us more confidence down the road, and hopefully that'll help us.

Q.テつ Ian, your thoughts, you lead your team to the National Championship match, your thoughts on your match today?
IAN DAVIS:テつ Yeah, I got down, I was 4‑down through 9, and ended up winning 10 and got some momentum back on the back nine and kind of rode that throughout the whole back nine.テつ Got back to 1‑down and missed a couple up and downs that would have gotten me back to even or even 1‑up.テつ Gave myself a chance on 17 for a birdie putt and tried to hit a good putt, and he made eagle on top of me.テつ Came up a little short, but you can't ask for a better way to go out as your last day as a college golfer, playing for the title.テつ But I'm confident these young boys will get it done next year.

Q.テつ Coach, you spent a lot of time with the freshman match.テつ What were your impressions of that group?
ALAN BRATTON:テつ Wow.テつ That's all you can say.テつ It was a great match.テつ They didn't miss‑‑ if you were out there watching that, that was a great stage.テつ Zach has got an unbelievable amount of experiences out there today to take forward, to communicate to his teammates the next time he's in that situation.テつ He's pulled those shots off before.テつ But every one of those you can put in your memory bank is huge for your future.テつ You know, I would have loved to have seen him have an opportunity to make that putt on 18 because I know he would have poured that in and would have loved to have seen that play out.
You know, I was pleased to just be kind of a fly on the wall there watching because that was very impressive by two 18‑year‑old kids.

Q.テつ Talk about what you have coming in next year into this program.テつ I know you've got some really good freshmen coming in in the fall.
ALAN BRATTON:テつ Yeah, we do.テつ We lose four seniors from our team this year, but we have four freshmen coming in.テつ We have a couple guys at home that red‑shirted and these three guys that are sitting here.テつ The experience that these guys gained, we've got red‑shirt freshmen, freshmen and sophomores sitting here, but they're very experienced even though they're young guys and we've got guys that have played PGA TOUR events.テつ We've got the Big 12 Player of the Year coming back.テつ We've got a Walker Cupper, Jordan played in the Masters.テつ For young guys they're very experienced, and I know this week will continue to drive them, and they've got something to communicate to those young guys, and Zach can communicate what his experience was coming in as a freshman onto a veteran team, and these guys will be great leaders for these young guys, Sam Stevens being one if you're familiar with the guys around here.テつ He just won the state championship, and I've got a couple kids from Oklahoma that I think are going to be really good, and an international player, as well, a kid from Norway.テつ We've got a nice nucleus coming back, and we're fortunate that Ian and Talor and Kevin Dougherty, three of the seniors that we lose, are still going to be around.テつ I expect those guys to still come and give us a hard time.テつ I know they're excited to be out riding their golf carts and chasing their professional dreams, but I'm really, really excited about our future.

Q.テつ Talor, what would you say that wasn't working for you today that was yesterday?
TALOR GOOCH:テつ I just didn't have the ball control.テつ I was missing fairways with my 3‑wood, which is something that I just don't do, and when you miss the fairways out here, especially with how the pins were set today, it's tough to get the ball close.テつ I didn't have a birdie today.テつ I can't remember the last time I've got around without having a birdie.テつ That really just explains everything right there.

Q.テつ What did Mike McGraw say to you guys afterwards if you could share a little bit of it?
ALAN BRATTON:テつ You know, to be honest I really don't remember.テつ We congratulated each other, and he's a wonderful man.テつ He was a great mentor for me, remains a good friend.テつ He played a significant role in these guys' lives, and what a good addition he was to an already strong program.
IAN DAVIS:テつ I congratulated him and he congratulated me on a great career at Oklahoma State and he told me he was proud of me.テつ That was about it.テつ We didn't have too much time to talk.

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