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May 28, 2014

Frank Vogel


Q. テつAnything going different?テつ Did you pick up anything specifically from that closing run, in terms of the players that are on the floor and how that works, that you can apply moving forward?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ LeBron James was on the bench during that stretch.テつ So if we can try to achieve that, that will help.
No, you always look at the accommodations and see what you think could work.テつ We're evaluating.テつ We'll see what it looks like tonight.

Q.テつ Coach, David West this morning said that Bosh playing the five pretty much solely for Game 4 gave your defense trouble.テつ Could you talk about the trouble he was talking about.
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Yeah, it's a tough challenge for a team with size like we have to play against the five three‑point shooters.テつ We have coverage in place for it.テつ We did it for seven games against the Atlanta Hawks.
Obviously, this is a much better basketball team, but there's weaknesses to that style of play as well.テつ We've just got to make sure our style of play prevails.

Q.テつ Frank, are you going to take more advantage of Roy down low on offense, get him more involved?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Well, I want to get him more than zero points, yes.テつ But we're at our best when we're achieving balance.テつ Four shots in 22 minutes is slightly below what he would typically get.
We definitely need to take advantage of that matchup, if he's going to have Bosh on him.

Q.テつ This might be like trying to coach free‑throw shooting, but is there anything you can emphasize to take better care of the basketball in terms of the passes, the turnovers, any of those things?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Yeah, we work on that every day.テつ Every day in shootaround, we have our ball handlers trapped and work on delivering the ball and making reads.
It's just difficult to simulate their speed.テつ So it's just something they've got to work through.

Q.テつ Yesterday you talked about offensive execution being the focus of your morning meeting before you left yesterday.テつ Even though the defensive numbers are not pretty, do you feel like offensive execution is going to lead to a more set defense and better defense?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Absolutely.テつ In a number of ways.テつ It limits them just in transition, taking away the turnovers from touchdowns, but also taking away cross matchups, which they try to create with their small lineups.
Certainly, our defense‑‑ giving our defense a chance to get set, by putting the ball in the basket, it gives us the best chance.

Q.テつ Frank, obviously, your back's against the wall tonight in a ballgame that could potentially be a close‑out.テつ How do you approach this game, especially with your players, to keep them from having a lot of pressure on them to do too much instead of just playing the game and playing within the realm of the game?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ We talked about, obviously, our backs are against the wall, but we've been here before.テつ You've got to play with great urgency and desperation, but you've got to play within yourself.
It's something that we've talked about, and we've just got to make sure we execute.

Q.テつ Frank, Lance made those comments before the previous game, and I guess this morning he said he regretted those comments.テつ What have your conversations with him been like?テつ What do you tell him in this kind of situation about going forward?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Yeah, we discussed it at length, but I'm going to keep that between Lance and I.

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