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August 12, 2000

Arnaud Clement


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Arnaud.

Q. You tried a few different tactics, but nothing seemed to work for you. Was that frustrating?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: I change in the second set, but was too late. Was too late.

Q. What did he do today that was so tough to?


Q. Yeah.

ARNAUD CLEMENT: I don't know. He play good match. But me, was very, very bad today. I think I had just 39 the first set, but was too late. And so many mistake. It's just...(Inaudible).

Q. Were you nervous?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: No. Not really, no.

Q. Just a bad day?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yeah, just -- I think just a bad day for me. He played so good for me. I don't know, maybe him. But bad day for me and good for him.

Q. Were you tired?


Q. Despite the outcome tonight, don't you feel you had a pretty good run this week?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yeah. It's a good week for me, semifinal. But today I not happy about match. And I try to play. I need to have fun, but not now. Not today.

Q. What did you learn from this week?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: From this week, nothing.

Q. Nothing? (Laughter.)

ARNAUD CLEMENT: I try. I can beat good, good player. And three or four good player in same tournament, it's good for me.

End of FastScripts....

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