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August 31, 2000

Arnaud Clement


MODERATOR: Questions for Arnaud.

Q. You're in the last game, you serve an ace, you think it's all over, but they tell you it's a let.


Q. Did you think, "Oh, my God, it's not going to happen after all"? What were you thinking?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: For the first one, it was okay. The second one, I think the ball is right on the line. It's a late call. I don't know. I don't know why the man say out. The ball is right on the line.

Q. So were you discouraged?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: No. I just two points to win the match.

Q. You felt you'd get it?


Q. You played Andre twice before, so you know how he plays. You know that his mother has some medical problems, breast cancer. Can you tell on the court if he's distracted or focused on his tennis?


Q. Yes.

ARNAUD CLEMENT: I don't know. I'm not on his head. For sure he didn't play a great match today. He did a lot of mistakes. Me, I don't think about him. I just think about me.

Q. Have you ever had a personal situation like his which influenced your play?


Q. Talk about what winning this match means to you?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: To win this match for me? It's unbelievable because it's on an unbelievable court. Maybe, I don't know, it was not full, maybe 15,000 person. Everybody is for him. He beat me two times, in Roland Garros and here last year. To beat him in a Grand Slam, it's another thing. It's different I think to beat him in a small tournament than in a Grand Slam. It's my best victory on my career.

Q. Before the match, did you think you could beat him?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Before the match?

Q. Yes.

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yes. I was very confident. In the last two weeks, I played very good in Cincinnati, last week in Long Island. I'm very confident on my game. I think, yeah, I can beat him.

Q. Can you compare Andre's level of play today to what it was last year and also when you played him at Roland Garros?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: No. It's not the same. It's not the same player. He did so many mistakes today, and he didn't do it last year.

Q. Did he seem as focused as he was before, and how about his speed?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Maybe he's less precise, but his speed is the same.

Q. You are well-known as someone who likes to have a lot of fun with tennis. Have you always been like this?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yeah, I think.

Q. Ever since you were a child?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Oui. You have to ask this question maybe to my mother.

Q. You live in Switzerland. Why don't you live in France?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: I like Geneva. It's very nice. You know, there's lots of French guys on this city, Arnaud Di Pasquale, Nicolas Escude. It's great to practice with them.

Q. Is it a matter of taxes?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: No (smiling).

Q. Going back to tennis, what do you think you did different from last year's performance to this year? You had the same guy, Agassi last year. Forget about his game, just talk about yours. What did you do different?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: First, there is the confidence. I won lot of matches before this tournament.

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