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May 28, 2014

Joel Quenneville


THE MODERATOR:  Questions for coach.

Q.  Talking about the lines, with the Saad combination, what are you looking for?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I thought Saad and Shawsy last game were effective.  Kaner can add to the mix there.  I thought they had a good couple of periods there, generated some zone time and chances and score nice goals as well.
I think it's production and defense responsible on all the lines.  We're looking for that balance.

Q.  What do you tell the team before this game?  Do you have to focus them on the small picture?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I've used a couple of those exact words this morning.
Going into the game, that's what we're focused on, trying to win the game shift to shift.  Win the first period, go from there.
You look back over this series, we lost three games with three one‑period stretches where we uncharacteristically gave up quantity and preventable goals.  We have a to make sure that's the area we shore up.  Let's focus on winning our battles in those one‑shift areas.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I just heard about it on my way over.  First I heard of it.  I'm not aware of the situation other than what you just said.
I'm not worried about it right now.  I'm worrying about the game.

Q.  Is it even possible to define what turned the momentum of this series around in Game2 and use that to your advantage to turn it around your way?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  You know, we can talk about the late goal in the second period.  Talk about a couple quick power play goals that got their power play ignited.  I think that sparked their offense.  Those spurts of quick goals‑against us.
Hopefully our power play we need to be better, an area we can ignite our power play and shore up our offense.

Q.  With the power play situation, should it help that you're back on home ice?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I think Game2 we didn't have a very good night.  I think Game3, Game4, they were better.
We'll see.  We got guys that can take draws.  They got four very experienced guys in the circles, good faceoff guys as well.  That's a chore.  It's not just the responsibility of our centermen that have to get the job done, it's guys helping along the line.

Q.  How important is that to your puck possession game?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  It's always nice to start with the puck, especially on special teams.  I think that's the area where our power play last game, didn't really start with the puck, slowed it down.

Q.  I asked your players, is the pressure more on the Kings or on the Blackhawks.  They said it's on L.A.  How do you feel?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I feel it's on L.A.  Look back against Detroit.  We came in here excited about being at home, taking advantage of the home crowd.  I don't want to say loose, but let's be excited about the opportunity.  Let's go.  We got to win one game here.

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