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May 26, 2014

Joel Quenneville


Los Angeles – 5
Chicago – 2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for coach.

Q.  How frustrating was it to go back on the kill?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  We didn't take many penalties.  We go to the net on the one play, the power play, nullified it.  Second half of it, they scored, which was a tough one.
We took three penalties.  Wasn't like we took a bunch.  In the course of a playoff game, two or three is probably generally a quota.
We just got to find a way to get through it‑ kill, I mean.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  No, they're shooting the puck.  A couple plays there, I thought maybe the first one we could have gone out to that guy, comparable to the last game.
They're shooting, going in.  Their power play, we got to be better than that.

Q.  Lot of talk about last year's deficit against the Red Wings.
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Obviously disappointing two games here.  Go back, you know, just think of one game, get some momentum Game5.  Look at it like that.  Look to come back here.
That's the thought process.  Don't think about anything more than that.  Let's be excited about being home, try to get the momentum back.

Q.  Jonathan talked about trying to get the swagger back, confidence.  Do you agree?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Yeah, well, you look at the last two games, for 40 minutes we're doing the right things, the last 20 killed us.  Tonight was different.  We started out decently, but lost momentum with our power play there.  They scored early, which got them going.
Certainly when you're playing with the lead, you're ahead in the series, there's a lot more confidence to your game.
I thought we fought back in the second half of the game there, got some good looks and some good zone time.  Let's be excited about next game.

Q.  What did you think of Kane, Toews and Bickell?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I thought they were good.  They were all right.  They generated enough.  They were fine.

Q.  Teams have won Stanley Cups before with hardly scoring a power play goal.  How much more difficult does it make it when you don't?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, our special teams all year have been the strength of our team.  In the first two series, their penalty killing might have been the reason why we won either series.
Right now they're going in against us.  We got to shore up that area.  Our power play, our production has been off a little bit.  I think we got to make sure whether we're scoring or not, we got to sustain and gather momentum when the power play's out there.

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