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January 26, 2001

Arnaud Clement


MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How many kilometers do you think you can still run?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) I felt pretty good and I felt I could play for a little while yet.

Q. Can we properly say it was a miracle?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) A small miracle.

Q. You were a bit conservative tonight. Was it because you beat your friend or you didn't want to buy another pair of shoes?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) Yes, that's right, because I'm his friend, friendship with Grosjean.

Q. Do you think you started to play your best tennis when the match point against you came up in the third set? Is that when you were playing the best?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) In the third set he felt really good. Even if Grosjean broke him, he still felt pretty good in the third set. I feel I've played the best sets of the tournament today, considering the conditions.

Q. What is your record against Agassi?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (In English) It's 2-All.

Q. 2-2?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (In English) You don't speak English very well (laughter)?

Q. You said you played very badly in the first two sets because of your friendship with Sebastien?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) It wasn't about that. He just felt Grosjean played too well for me. I had no solutions to his points.

Q. You had the strapping on again, on your leg. Is it getting better, or is it about the same as it was for the last match?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) It wasn't really hurting, but I had some sort -- a little apprehension because there was no strength in my leg. The fact that it was strapped, I was a bit conscious that I could give a hundred percent all the time.

Q. Do you think tonight you will have dinner with Grosjean?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (In English) Tonight, I think so.

Q. You just played the longest match in the tournament. How much do you think you have left for Andre on Sunday?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) The more the match progressed, the better I felt. Even though it was four hours, I wasn't too worried about it.

Q. Can you just tell us how you feel after this victory, how much it obviously means to get to the final, whether or not that's been tempered by beating Sebastien to get there?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) It's a bit weird really because it's my first time I'm playing a Grand Slam. Also it's a bit weird because I'm playing a Grand Slam in the year 2001. I felt I came pretty close that I could have lost quite easily.

Q. With your record against Andre being pretty good, are you confident on Sunday?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) Depends how fit Andre really is himself. As far as I'm concerned, I'm fairly confident against him.

Q. On the two match points, did you have the feeling that Grosjean was waiting for your mistake, so you go to the net, try to finish off the point?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) I can't recall exactly how I played the match points exactly.

Q. Missed the first from the back of the court, second you went to the net.

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) He could have finished off the match when he had actually 40-Love, three match points, but he didn't take advantage of it.

Q. Breakpoints.

TRANSLATOR: Breakpoints, sorry.

Q. Did you talk to Sebastien after the match in the locker room?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: (Translated from French.) When Sebastien shook hands, he just said to me, "Go ahead and do your best, go to the end."

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