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May 26, 2014

Tony Parker


Q.  Pop says you need to play better.
TONY PARKER:  That's for sure.  He's right.  He's right.  I have to play better, and I know it.  I'll try to bounce back.

Q.  How much does Serge change the dynamics in the interior?  Do you have to figure out other ways to score‑‑
TONY PARKER:  No, he played well.  He played well.  But we just have to do better.

Q.  They've beaten you guys six straight times when Serge plays.  Is that a concern?
TONY PARKER:  Hopefully we can change that.

Q.  If Reggie is going to be matched up on you, do you have to take advantage of that match‑up instead of having a longer defender like Thabo on you?
TONY PARKER:  I can only repeat myself.  I have to play better.

Q.  What has to change for you guys going into Game 4?
TONY PARKER:  We have to be more aggressive, more aggressive, play with a lot more energy.

Q.  How about on the defensive end?
TONY PARKER:  Same thing, same thing.  We made a lot of mistakes, and we watched them, and we know what we have to do.

Q.  You said last night it starts with you.

Q.  So how do you start it?
TONY PARKER:  Just be aggressive and just do what I've been doing my whole career.

Q.  Does aggressive also mean be decisive?
TONY PARKER:  Yeah, definitely.  Definitely.  Quick decisions, more aggressive on defense and more aggressive on offense.

Q.  When you say aggressive, just attacking the rim more?
TONY PARKER:  Just attacking, try to create stuff, make stuff happen, make plays.

Q.  Did you guys get some open looks or was it one of those nights where some of the shots just didn't fall?
TONY PARKER:  We missed a lot of shots, but you have to give credit to OKC, too.  They played good defense.

Q.  How do you get a game like that out of your mind?
TONY PARKER:  You just have to play.  You don't think, you just have to play and focus on tomorrow.  That's all you can control.

Q.  The guys said that you were pretty hard on yourself after this one.  Is that just you being‑‑
TONY PARKER:  I take a lot of responsibility.  That's my job on this team, to get everything going.  That's why I took it hard last night, because I felt like I didn't play well.

Q.  Most all the guys came to your defense, though, saying it wasn't you.
TONY PARKER:  That's nice of them, but I know what I have to do.

Q.  Do you expect tomorrow to be the best from both teams?
TONY PARKER:  Yeah.  Yeah, it's a big game.  It's a big game for both teams.

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