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May 26, 2014

Danny Green


Q.  What did OKC do to take the free‑throw line away from you last night?
DANNY GREEN:  They locked up a little bit more.  They paid a little more attention to detail.  They gave up more, I guess, for Tony in the paint, didn't leave us as much.  They trusted Ibaka and Adams to do a great job, which they did, altering shots and blocking shots.  But for the most part I think we got some good open looks.  Just didn't make many.  Manu is the only one that got hot, but they did a great job of executing their defense.  That's why they won the game.

Q.  What did Reggie Jackson's addition to the starting lineup give OKC?
DANNY GREEN:  Gives them another scoring guard, another threat from the perimeter.  I'm not saying Sefolosha is not capable of knocking down shots, but he's definitely more aggressive, another ball handler where Russ doesn't have to have the whole load on him of bringing it up every time and making plays.  Reggie is another playmaker.  Like I say, it adds another scoring threat to their starting lineup.

Q.  Is that something you guys had to adjust to defensively?
DANNY GREEN:  A little bit, but it's nothing we're not used to.  Tony started up on him, and that's a good match‑up for us.  Not like it's a mismatch for us.  We didn't expect him to post or anything, but for the most part we adjusted.  I think we adjusted pretty well.  Serge came out hot.  We didn't expect that to happen, and a lot of energy.  It was an emotional game for him and for them, as well, all together.

Q.  If they've changed the defensive dynamics, what's the counter move?  If they're sort of taking that interior away?
DANNY GREEN:  We've got to adjust.  We've got to do more penetrating, getting to the free‑throw line.  We didn't do a good job of that.  Keep them off the free‑throw line.  Being aggressive but also continue to move the ball, find shooters.  I feel like our shooters were still there a good amount of time, but we just didn't find them at some points.  We did a lot of interior passing which led to a lot of turnovers, so a big key for us is not turning the ball over, keeping them off the free‑throw line, and also rebound the ball, not let them get many second‑chance points or second‑chance shots.

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