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May 25, 2014

Kenny Perry


Q.  Great day for you yesterday to get back in the hunt, today 1‑under, but what exactly happened out there for you today?
KENNY PERRY:  Any time you shoot under par in a Major you've done okay.  I mean, you just done shoot 62s.  I just had a miracle round two years ago here.
I had a tough task.  I shot 75 on Friday, that's what killed me, because it took me right out of the tournament.  You're playing catch up at a Major Championship, that's hard to do.  So I putted poorly.  I putted poorly all week, I never got in a rhythm on these greens.
So, I don't know, I need to kind of rethink when I come in here two years from now I need to change I think I need to get more loft on my putter and a little bit heavier.  So I'll be ready in two years.

Q.  How much have you enjoyed your time here?
KENNY PERRY:  I like it here.  I stayed in Saint Joe, it's a great little town.  Yesterday or they had all the flags, people every where, it's a very home me, reminds me a lot of Franklin, kind of like my little town back home.

Q.  On behalf of the Executive Committee of the PGA of America, which is made up of myself, our vice president, Derek Sprague and Secretary, we would like to offer you a special invite for the 96th PGA at Valhalla this summer, will you accept?
KENNY PERRY:  Oh, can I give you a hug?  For an old guy, I've been out there 30 years, that's kind of a dream for me to kind of my way to say good‑bye to everybody and I can't thank you guys enough.  I tried so hard to get my hands on both trophies, and I can't quite do it, but you guys are the best.  I've always looked up to y'all.

Q.  We appreciate everything you do for us.
KENNY PERRY:  All right.  Thank you.

Q.  You just received a special invite from the PGA.
KENNY PERRY:  I only had one invite in my whole 30 year career.  Colonial gave it back to me in my early years, so this is the second invitation I've ever received from a tournament.
To me, it's just, I'm blown away.  I wanted to get back to Valhalla one more time, because it's been ‑‑ I've had my probably my worst defeat and my greatest victory there from the loss at the '96 PGA and then in a playoff, and then to go in there with the Ryder Cup, Paul Azinger and just a phenomenal week, Kentucky stood proud, we have great fans in Kentucky.  So to me it's just an honor for me to go back and ‑‑ I'm going to play mayor that week I'm going to shake a lot of hand I'm going to say thanks to a lot of people who supported me in my career, a good way for me to exit after the PGA TOUR.

Q.  You talked about the lows and the highs, kind of emotions do you think you'll carry into the week there?
KENNY PERRY:  It's going to be a hard week, it really is.  I'll be reminiscing a lot, I'll be talking to a lot of people, I'll see a lot of people in the gallery, and it will probably, it will be very exciting at first, but more the week goes, sadder it will get, because I know it's all coming to an end.

Q.  Any particular moment at Valhalla that stands out?
KENNY PERRY:  When I won my match against Henrik Stenson on 3‑2, my dad's in bib overalls, comes on to the green and gave me a big hug.  I'll never forget that.  He said it was a special moment and he said it's one of the greatest moments I could have ever given him, he said, for a father/son, it was outstanding.

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