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September 2, 2005

Arnaud Clement


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. That was a tough match.

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yeah, it was a tough match. It was a five-set match, very hard second and fourth set. Maybe it was a little bit harder for him.

Q. The fifth set, did you sense, after he had treatment, that he wasn't able to really move like he had before?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: On the fifth, yeah, he didn't move during 20 minutes. He didn't play the last set. I don't know. I don't know if he was cramping or anything else. I don't know. I just tried to stay focused on the game and don't think about it.

Q. You're noted for your fitness. You're a bit of a fitness fanatic, aren't you, very keen on fitness, work hard on your fitness.


Q. He's a young player just starting this year in the pro ranks. Does it take time before you are able to have the strength for this sort of season that he's had now?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: How old is he?

Q. 18.

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yeah, he has two years to work, for sure, and he's going to improve in this department. But he has very good serve. He moved well during four sets. Very good hands also. He has lot of qualities, but, yeah, he still has to work to improve his game.

Q. How did you feel in the fifth set? Did you feel fatigued, any cramp?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: No, I was okay. I just feel my legs a little bit tight a little bit, but it was okay.

Q. Have you ever suffered from cramp?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yes, last round quallies here.

Q. Were you surprised when he got cramps?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yes, a little bit because he moved very well at the end of the fourth and just in five minutes, nothing. So, yeah, was a little bit surprised.

Q. He was chipping quite a lot. You were running around your backhand and hitting it, no problem at all.

ARNAUD CLEMENT: No. But, you know, I'm not too tall, so chipping against me, I don't have to.

Q. That kind of tactic tends to throw a lot of players off their rhythm. It didn't seem to bother you at all.

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Hmm (smiling). (Question translated for Arnaud.) It's very tough to play against a guy who have different shot with different rhythm in the same point. At the beginning of the match, he was just playing too slow, all the shot was too slow. But after the second, the third set, he was hitting more balls and he continue to sometimes do some chip, some (indicating moon balls).

Q. If you played him again in two or three weeks' time, would you be thinking the problem with this guy is his fitness?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Today maybe when you play best-of-five sets. If I play against him in two or three weeks, there's no Grand Slam, no Davis Cup, so it's going to be in two or three sets. Two or three sets is okay.

Q. Say luck has it that you walk out to play him in Australia, what would be your thoughts then?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Nothing special. Nothing special. Today, just now, I know him. I know his qualities, faults.

Q. What are his faults?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Today? His fitness, for sure (smiling).

Q. One other thing about Murray we notice is this he can be very demonstrative, seems to use a lot of energy with his body language. Do you think that could be detrimental, can take your energy away?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Maybe, yes. Maybe a little bit. But some player need this kind of things to play.

Q. To release?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Yeah. But I'm not this kind of player. When it's a tough match, four-set, five-set match, I prefer to be more calm and give my energy for the point.

Q. Can we ask you why you don't wear your glasses any more?

ARNAUD CLEMENT: Sometimes. Sometimes. But when it's very hot, when it's sweat, it's tough because I have to use my towel between every point. I'm not playing with it.

Q. Your eyes are better now, are they?


End of FastScripts….

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