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May 25, 2014

Bill Glasson


Q.テつ Tell us about how the round went today.
BILL GLASSON:テつ Up‑and‑down.テつ I needed to get off to, obviously, a good start and keep it going all day to move up, which is kind of, you know, what we're trying to achieve today.
I had chances, I just ‑‑ the pins were tricky, it's hard to get a good look, sometimes.テつ But overall it was all right.テつ I made some birdies on the back that helped quite a bit.

Q.テつ Could you walk us through that eagle you had on the round today?
BILL GLASSON:テつ They moved the tees up on 15 and they did that last time we were here, so I thought that with the way the wind was blowing it was very easy to reach today.テつ I was very shocked that they gave us a center pin.テつ I thought for sure it would be tucked left, with the tees up.テつ But it was kind of a surprise.
I hit a fairly decent drive down there.テつ Hit 6‑iron to about 12 feet, just right of the hole, and had a little right‑to‑left 12‑footer and I would like to have those for eagles all the time.テつ So it worked out well.

Q.テつ Do you remember your number coming into that hole?
BILL GLASSON:テつ I had 179 to carry, plus the pin, so I think it was 18.テつ So 97 total.
The carry number is the important number there.テつ You just have to get it over there, because the green's going to hit firm, it's been a firm green through the history here and so the carry number was our number.テつ We hit it, we hit a 6‑iron today.テつ With the wind conditions, I think it flew about 188, so it worked out well.テつ Hit kind of a little bit into the up slope to just kill it and it stopped right there and it worked out perfect.テつ One of the few shots this week that actually worked out.

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