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May 25, 2014

Mark Brooks


Q.  Great round today.  Tell me what clicked today that seemed like wasn't working the last two days?
MARK BROOKS:  Actually, I played okay the first two days.  I didn't putt very good the second day.  Actually, yesterday, just one of those kind of off days.  I didn't hit it ‑‑ if I would have putted decently, I putted terribly yesterday‑‑ if I would have putted decently yesterday I would have got in with even or 1‑under.  It wasn't like I hit it horrendous.
Then today I putted better and hit ‑‑ I hit a lot of good iron shots.  I didn't have a great driving day, but hit a lot of good iron shots and probably only had a couple putts that were, you know, you go, how many, how much lower?  Maybe a couple shots.  So that's it.

Q.  Where do you take this?  You're looking at your 18th anniversary here of the PGA, where do you take this going into maybe playing the PGA Championship at the end of the year?
MARK BROOKS:  Well, I was going to play anyway, so I've just had one little thing after another, knee bothering me or something else and then you don't putt good or drive it bad.  It's not really been my golf swing so much, it's just little things here and there.

Q.  What's your schedule like the rest of the year?
MARK BROOKS:  I'm going to play a lot.  I said the other day, one of the problems ‑‑ I played so long on that big TOUR and I played a lot of tournaments, so I would kind of play into shape, play into the groove.
The way this schedule's been on this tour, you'll play a couple weeks and then you'll have three off.  I'm not very good at going home for two weeks and ‑‑ I mean, I got a grandson and daughter and wife and dogs.  And I practice, but it's not the same as playing.  So you go work on a new driver, you don't even know how it's going to react until you actually tee it up in a tournament.  Or I don't anyway.  I put in a new set of irons in this morning and hit them good.

Q.  Are you going to hang around to see if your score holds up?
MARK BROOKS:  6‑under isn't going to do anything.  I'm going to guess ‑‑ honestly, 15's a par‑4 today.  It's kind of odd, the wind, we actually were walking up 14 and the wind got down and we played 15 kind of into a little breeze, which was kind of strange.  It will probably go back down wind now.
But 15's just a really, it's a PGA TOUR par‑4.  Pretty wide fairway.  It's only like 255 yards to cover bunker, so honestly, par feels like 70, to me, with that hole.
The rest of them are all beyond legit.  But when they move it up, that's a par‑4.

Q.  Any thoughts on the conditions of ‑‑
MARK BROOKS:  Saying, you know, guys are going to get a shot better.

Q.  Sure.  Now there's been a lot made of the condition of the course, how good it is considering the winter?
MARK BROOKS:  I was very shocked, to be honest with you.  Our courses, we have had a rough winter in Texas, I mean, really rough for Texas, probably the worst we have had in 50 years and our golf courses are not very good.
So I guess the blessing here is y'all had a lot of snow.  If it gets covered with snow, the grass survives way better than if you had ice.  So, no, I was shocked how good a shape it was in.

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