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May 25, 2014

Simon Dyson


Q.テつ What does this high finish represent for you this time?
SIMON DYSON:テつ I like the place.テつ I like coming and playing here.テつ I finished tied third on my own a couple years ago.テつ Two years ago I had to withdraw and actually last year I played really nice but missed the cut by a shot, don't know how.
I really like coming and playing here.テつ I think the changes they have made to the course make you have to really control your ball, and I was able to do that this week, so I was, yeah, really pleased.

Q.テつ Great seeing you back competing again, obviously you had a few problems at the tail end of last year.テつ Wonder what that has done for your appreciation and love of the game?
SIMON DYSON:テつ Yeah, certainly gave me it back, without a doubt.テつ I felt like I was just kind of cruising along, and like you said, I started to play really nice toward the back of the year, and then obviously certain things happened and I wasn't able to play.
But I could play the ones in South Africa, got off to a good start, finished third down in Leopard Creek, and then when I was able to play, that just made me want to crack on, really.
I haven't been playing that good the last month, six weeks, been swinging it not very good.テつ So put a lot of work in.テつ Went to see my old coach, Steve Robinson, back in York and hit a bit with him and saw my coach, Pete Cowen, and did a lot of work with him the last few weeks and seems like it paid off a little bit, so I'm pleased.

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