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May 25, 2014

Chris Bosh

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. テつWhat do you think Lance Stephenson accomplished by woofing at LeBron a lot during the second quarter?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ I don't know, man.テつ It was a good woof.テつ Hopefully, he got a good joke in or something.
I don't know.テつ Like you said, don't wake up a sleeping dog.テつ That's a lesson I learned a long time ago.テつ You just have to concentrate on playing the game.

Q.テつ Do you think it woke LeBron up a little bit?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ No, he was already woke up.テつ Sometimes he just takes it on himself to do a little more in the course of a game, especially when the team is struggling.
So he decided to get down in the post, slow it down, start making some defensive plays.テつ Sometimes it helps you get locked in, and you focus a little bit more.

Q.テつ Do you hope Hibbert talks to you a little bit tomorrow?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Oh, no, talking to me doesn't do anything.テつ I don't‑‑ I'm not a very social guy on the court.

Q.テつ What's the key to a good fourth quarter defense?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Just intensity, anticipation, being ahead of the play, of course, and just being where you're supposed to be and not making mistakes.テつ You know, contesting every shot and really just competing and getting after it.

Q.テつ Was it frustration last night that led to the tech against you?テつ Was it everything?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Yeah, if you look back at the things, there were some things that I disagreed with, and there was more than two.テつ So I let that be known, and I had to just get it out.テつ I got it out, and after that, I was fine.テつ So I could move on from there.

Q.テつ [No microphone ].
CHRIS BOSH:テつ I had a few, yeah.テつ There was no opportunity really, and the opportunities I did get, they were just misses.テつ That happens sometimes.テつ That's to be expected.
I'm looking forward to Game 4, to getting into a rhythm and helping the team out and really getting off to a good start and hopefully getting another one.

Q.テつ You guys were behind in Game 1 a little bit and Game 2 and Game 3 for long stretches.テつ Were you surprised how some of these stretches have gone?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ No.テつ No matter what happens, we still expect to win the game.テつ We'd still have to get off to good starts.テつ We'd like to get ahead once or twice and play with the lead for most of the game.テつ You just have to keep working the game until that happens.
I like where we are right now.テつ We still have rhyme for improvement, and there's not much we could just really look at and feel comfortable with.テつ We just have to continue, I guess, in this state until we can get another win.

Q.テつ Chris, it was tough on you guys having Wade in and out of the lineup during the season.テつ Do you feel like now the frustration was worth it based on what you're getting from him?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Well, frustration is always worth it, only when you're successful.テつ With Dwyane, it was kind of the big picture involved.テつ We knew it was going to take some time.
Maybe because of that now, he can play more consistently.テつ He can play every game.テつ Who knows?テつ It's frustrating.テつ The regular season comes with its frustrations, and it has its ups and downs, but you stay through it to get to moments like these.

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