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May 24, 2014

Justin Gonzalez

Mike Martin

John Nogowski

Jameis Winston


Florida State: 6
Virginia: 4

THE MODERATOR:テつ We would like to welcome in Florida State, Head Coach Mike Martin and student athletes John Nogowski, Justin Gonzalez, and James Winston.テつ Comments from Coach, first.
COACH MARTIN:テつ A game that so‑called had no implications, I think you see how competitive UVA and Florida State is.テつ It was a fun game, one that was important to both clubs for a number of reasons.テつ I don't think‑‑ I'm speaking off the top and what do I know, but how in the world can you deny UVA a No. 1 seed and a top‑8 seed.テつ It's one of the those situations they truly deserve, and I'm hoping that the Committee looks at Florida State in the same vein.
I'm proud to be a part of this three‑some up here and certainly the other 24.テつ It was a ballgame that was well played, wasn't exactly like last year's, but I think it goes to show you that when Florida State and UVA get together, or any other two teams in this league, there is a lot of competition.テつ I know I'm probably not‑‑ this won't be used, I'm sure, but, still, I would like to come in and congratulate the umpires, the way they approached the game.テつ They didn't act like it was just another game because they had two teams gettin' after it, and I applaud that.テつ I appreciate that, because I just look at y'all and tell you, it meant something to us.

Q.テつ Justin, can you talk about the catch that you made on the line drive and did you know you had him picked off?
JUSTIN GONZALEZ:テつ I can't tell you what was going through my head.テつ I was in the moment and I was happy to get my team in the dugout.テつ As far as the catch and throw, you know, when I first caught it, I looked at third base and saw a guy that was right on the bag and I heard behind me "2, 2, 2, 2" and I followed it a little bit, but I knew I had time to throw him out at second base, so I was happy to get my team in the dugout.

Q.テつ Jameis, what did you see on that play?
JAMEIS WINSTON:テつ I saw a great play.テつ I was screaming "2, 2, 2" like everybody else was, and I was so happy.

Q.テつ Talk about what it means to have players behind you that will lay themselves out to get people out?
JAMEIS WINSTON:テつ That's why I'm playing at Florida State.テつ We feel we should be a top‑8 seed because we got hitters, we got great defensive players and we got great pitching.

Q.テつ What was different this time facing Virginia, than from up in Tallahassee?
JUSTIN GONZALEZ:テつ We got the big hit!テつ D.J. got up before me and got a great hit which was huge for us and then Brizu followed me up.テつ To beat a big team like Virginia, you're going to have to do that, get those big hits with the two outs and we were the ones that got the big hits today.

Q.テつ What was the mood of the team in the dugout after that play?
JOHN NOGOWSKI:テつ I don't know, I blacked out.テつ I was screaming, yelling something in Spanish, probably not very good.テつ (Laughter.)テつ It was absolutely incredible, an unbelievable catch by Gonzo and, you know, that's special.テつ That's something I'm not going to forget and it was just a heck of a play.

Q.テつ For a meaningless game, you couldn't play in the championship tomorrow, seemed like it meant something to everybody on the field.
JOHN NOGOWSKI:テつ Absolutely I don't play a game that I don't want to win.テつ There is no such thing as a meaningless game and that's what Coach Martin preaches and he didn't have to fire us up for this one.
After them taking two of three from us at our place we wanted to even that series, and I think we all remember how it felt thinking that we could have easily taken two 2 of 3 from them and that's what we did.

Q.テつ Coach, talk about the chemistry, tonight.テつ How does it compare with the teams that you've had in the past.
COACH MARTIN:テつ First of all it starts with the guy that wears a "C" on his chest.テつ He's the kind of guy that has not had the kind of year he had in the past but he never got down and felt sorry for himself, and made those around him feel differently than they needed to feel for us to be successful.テつ He kept everything positive.テつ And the rest of the guys have done a great job of falling in.テつ It's nice to have, certainly, a three‑year first baseman sitting on the end and I don't know what, he won something over there in football but he's a good pitcher, too.テつ Nice to have winners on our ball club, but it all starts with your captain, and the guy who has been in the program for five years.

Q.テつ Justin, talk about the way you battled Howard in the 8th.テつ They were able to shut you guys down in Tallahassee but what does this say about you moving forward?
JUSTIN GONZALEZ:テつ Nick Howard is a tremendous pitcher.テつ I think in Tallahassee we tried to do way to much with what he has.テつ I think the biggest thing is letting him supply the power, don't try and be bigger than the moment and we stress that as soon as we came in the game, stay focused and stay calm and it worked out for us.テつ This is a big win in the sense of momentum going to regional.テつ This is a team win and I think this bus ride we have tomorrow is going to be happier than it would had we lost tonight.テつ I'm happy to get back to work and keep this thing rolling.

Q.テつ When do you guys leave tomorrow?

Q.テつ You're not playing in the championship.テつ Talk about the confidence you have.
JAMEIS WINSTON:テつ Just what Justin said, we feel like Virginia is a great team and we're a great team and we were out there talking.テつ It felt like regionals, like Omaha, so you love getting wins like that.

Q.テつ The last two innings that they pitched, they threw 13 in those two innings.テつ When you guys got down to the bullpen you were deliberate, a lot of 3‑ball counts.テつ Did you change your approach from Kirby and when they got to Howard and Jones?
COACH MARTIN:テつ Yes, we did.テつ Kirby, I don't know if he walked‑‑ he walked two.テつ I think he walked the first hitter of the game.テつ He is very deserving of his Pitcher‑Of‑The‑Year award in the league.テつ I'm just‑‑ we gambled a little bit there with a couple of guys taking, but we had some very good at‑bats.テつ Go back to this guy's at‑bat, it gets to 3‑0, then it goes 3‑1, 3‑2, and then he takes the ball out of the strike zone.テつ Those are the things it takes to get to the "show!"
That's unselfishness, that's being team oriented and that carried over to the next guy.テつ Danny De La Calle lays down a perfect bunt to put us in position, a perfect bunt.テつ That's what makes this night memorable, everybody contributed.テつ And to answer or just to add to it because it is past my bedtime, ladies and gentlemen, I'll just tell you I have never in my 35 years as a head coach been involved in more noise, more excitement, more desire, more togetherness than we had in that dugout after that inning was over with.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
JUSTIN GONZALEZ:テつ Kirby was throwing a lot of strikes, and once we got to the bullpen we didn't want to be chasing pitches out of the zone and 11 came over to me and a couple other guys and said be selective and just‑‑ we were doing that and things went our way.テつ Baseball is a fun game, because one night you're the dog and one night you're the hydrant.テつ (Laughter.)テつ So it worked out for us tonight and I'm just happy‑‑ I'm proud of the guys, 1 through 9 and even the guys tonight who didn't play, because without them we wouldn't be where we are now.

Q. テつCoach, what time is curfew tonight?
COACH MARTIN:テつ Every single one of them are going to be up by 6:30 and after breakfast they're coming back over here and running stadiums until the first pitch.テつ Stadiums are up and down steps in case y'all were wondering.テつ (Laughter.)テつ 20 minutes past curfew now.
I must say this is one curfew that I'll be proud to say they earned missing.テつ If there is such a thing.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you, guys.

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