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May 24, 2014

Hideki Matsuyama


THE MODERATOR:テつ We'll get started.テつ We'd like to welcome Hideki Matsuyama into the interview room after a bogey‑free 6‑under par 64, his career low round on the PGA TOUR.テつ Hideki, great playing today, if we can get some comments on your round?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ The round started out very well.テつ I played well, and I made good putts at the second hole and the third hole which kind of set the tone for the rest of the round and was able to get around in 6‑under.

Q.テつ You had a couple of early Top 10s so far this year.テつ How would you sum up your season today?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Thank you.テつ I did have two Top 10s early in the year, and just kind of went in and really played my best this last couple of months.テつ But gradually, week by week my game has gotten better, and I feel like I can compete now, especially to shoot 6‑under today and be in contention.テつ Hopefully, I'm going to have to shoot lower than that tomorrow, but I'm going to do my best.

Q.テつ What was it about the course or the conditions today as opposed to the first two days that really helped you thrive today?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Really nothing changed that much from the first two days.テつ However, the pin placements today were receptive, and I was able to see the line a lot better where the pins were today on the green, and it made a big difference between today and then the first two rounds.

Q.テつ Of the six birdies that you had, did any of those really stand out?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Of the six birdies, the sixth hole.テつ Birdieing that hole was the biggest one of the six.

Q.テつ You've won several times in Japan.テつ What do you think it will take to win tomorrow?テつ Will you need to be aggressive?テつ Will you just need to see how the course plays out tomorrow with the wind and everything?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Well, if I get in contention, of course, I'm going to be probably nervous tomorrow.テつ As far as what it's going to take to win, at least 10‑under.テつ The guys still have a lot of holes to play here today, and I don't know how those are going to go.テつ But it's going to take at least double digits to win.

Q.テつ How familiar were you with Ben Hogan before this week?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I never got the opportunity to see him play or of course meet him.テつ But I've seen many articles, magazine articles and seen his swing.テつ It's really impressive.テつ But it's a younger generation now.テつ But, of course, I know who he is, and it's an honor to be here and on the course he's associated with.

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