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May 24, 2014

Kevin Chappell


KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ You couldn't ask for more.

Q.テつ For a long while you had a lot of folks around Colonial here on watch.
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Yeah, I used up a lot of luck today.テつ I had two chip‑ins and made some long putts.テつ 59 would have been nice, but kind of lost the feel of the putter there on the back nine, but all in all a good day.

Q.テつ Tough to make that eagle?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Definitely.テつ I told my caddie, man, that would be pretty cool to do that here.テつ Even after making bogey on 14, I thought get four good looks coming in, and I just didn't hit a good putt on, I guess, 15, and missing the green on 16.テつ I feel like I got a lot out of that.

Q.テつ Starting to come into some form at Wells Fargo.テつ Is your game starting to turn around?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Yeah, I struggled getting the ball in the hole all year.テつ It seems like every week it's something different.テつ I'm not pitching it well; I'm not holing out well.テつ It showed signs in short periods recently and hopefully it shows up today.

Q.テつ You're in early; what is the golf course going to give up later on today?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ The greens are still really soft for Colonial on the weekend.テつ Hopefully for me the wind starts blowing and I get as late a tee time tomorrow as I can.テつ But I think you'll see a 5‑ or 6‑under from someone in the lead.

Q.テつ Obviously, you barely made the cut on Friday and you knew you had to go low.テつ What was your game plan, and how aggressive were you trying to be early on?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ With the way my year's gone I've been comfortable in that position barely making the cut, so I've had some experience.テつ I just go out and try to get some momentum going your way, try to get some birdies in the hole early, and trying to just build on that.

Q.テつ Overall, at what point did you think there is something special going on?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ Front nine really didn't develop.テつ I didn't hit a good shot until my shot I was 2‑under par, and I was thinking, man, this game's weird, I hit some good shots all week, especially holes over par.テつ But from that stretch I got up‑and‑down from 50 yards on 1, and chipped in on 3, so didn't really develop until 6, 7, 8, 9.テつ But I didn't really think about how special the round could have been until I made the bunker shot in 11.

Q.テつ You make the bunker shot in 11 and you eagle that.テつ Does that kind of take your focus away at all?
KEVIN CHAPPELL:テつ No, just hitting good shots, executing the best I can.テつ I feel like I did that.テつ I was a little unfortunate to three‑putt 14, and just didn't get the ball in the hole coming in, but all in all a good day.

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