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May 24, 2014

Joel Quenneville


Q.  Jonathan Toews was saying he wants the team to play pissed off but control that emotion.  Do you need to make Shaw mindful not to come out too hot today?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  We talk about that just about every game.  Discipline is always the key.  I thought we took a couple penalties that aren't necessarily our style of game or play last game.
Going forward we always want to stay out of the box, especially against their power play.  Let's be smart about it.  But we want to play hard, make sure there's some intensity.  At the same time, between the whistles no unnecessary penalties.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I think he's been pretty good.  I think penalty killing he's been outstanding.  Defensively he gets a lot of responsibility in our own end, some assignments against top lines as well.  His production, you know, I think that's what we got him out there for, is to be defensively responsible and to provide that safety on that line.

Q.  Matchups a little more difficult because of Gaborik, Carter and Williams on each line as opposed to the last two series?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  They've got balance on their team.  They got four lines that can all score.  They can all play a certain way.  Think that consistency of their lineup is a good challenge for us.
I think we're comparable in our lines and our team makeup, comparable the way we play.
Every shift is important.  We found last game, just a little bit off, all of a sudden they showed they're capable of scoring, scoring in bunches.  We want to make sure that every shift prioritizes the importance of it.

Q.  Sharp, are you seeing enough out of him?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:¬† He's been all right.¬† Goal‑scorers, when they don't score, sometimes can press a little bit.¬† You're still looking for that regular shift predictability.¬† In the playoffs certain guys get nullified.¬† The top guys get a lot more attention than other guys.
You have to fight through it, make a contribution as best you can.

Q.  Aside from Shaw, any other lineup changes?
Thank you.

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