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May 24, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q.  The back nine worked out and got you back involved?
HENRIK STENSON:  I didn't do much wrong early.  I missed a couple of shots and were a bit unlucky with a lipout on 4 and a good putt I missed on.
So I didn't really feel like I deserved to be 2‑over after five.  Somewhere around level par I would have taken, but kept the patience.  I was 3‑over for my round after 11 and made four birdies in five holes to square things up and a bit unlucky really on 17.
I hit a decent second shot but unfortunately they put the boards a little bit too close to play.  I walked through the Mitsubishi Electric board.  At least I got something out of that then.  Left me in a horrible spot and had to chip‑and‑putt for a par in the end, so potentially cost me a shot.  Not too happy on that, given that it was the second day in a row I hit an advertisement board on 17 and cost me a bogey yesterday.  So maybe we should try and keep them out of the line of play.

Q.  Maybe we should.
HENRIK STENSON:  Maybe we should.

Q.  You came in and see your own name is on the leaderboard, and then you see the leader is doing silly things.
HENRIK STENSON:  Thomas had a bit of a rough start as well and then he must have played unbelievably well since because he's at 14‑under I believe at the moment, and he was 7‑under after four or five holes.
So he's played some great golf, and he's pulling away with it at the moment.  So all the credit to him.

Q.  Are you warming to this place and still fancy a chance to do something significant on the final day?
HENRIK STENSON:  I hope I can‑‑ I'm going to keep to my game plan and hopefully keep on building what I've done this week.  I'm playing quite all right, and hopefully I can finish with a decent score tomorrow.

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