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May 24, 2014

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:  I was playing the last two holes 4‑under and I felt like if I got it to 6‑under par, maybe going into tomorrow, have a chance.  So finished 5,6, and obviously that was the opposite way.  Made seven birdies, obviously five dropped shot.  So I did the hard work and I couldn't hang on to the round well enough today.

Q.  When you consider your form over the last four or five weeks, however, you must be getting a huge amount of confidence.  You had the shoulder injury, but then a run of good results, three Top‑10s in a row.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, absolutely.  I feel like I'm beginning to play well and obviously with my eye on the U.S. Open coming up in a few weeks' time, I'm playing well at the right time again.
So there's a big summer of golf ahead, big Majors coming up, obviously a lot of golf tournaments.  Every tournament I'm playing in between now and The Ryder Cup is a big golf tournament.
Beginning to get some confidence going which is nice.  This week's been a bit slow, a bit frustrating.  Been a bit busy on and off the golf course but nice to be back home.  Great crowds to play in front of.  It's just a bit frustrating that I haven't been able to quite get them behind me.

Q.  In some respects does it almost feel like everything is gearing towards the defence of your U.S. Open title, like it's building to a crescendo for you almost this summer?
JUSTIN ROSE:  That's the plan, absolutely.  I've been, like I said, going in the right direction and gaining some confidence.  All aspects of my game have been showing signs.  It's just a matter of putting it all together the one week that you really need to.
I think the goal for me in the next couple weeks is for me to freshen up mentally.  It has been a long run of golf and I've sort of been somewhat in contention the last few weeks trying to grind out good results and that can tire you out a little bit.  So for me really freshening up in the week or two is very important.

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