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May 24, 2014

Eddie Pepperell


Q.  Been a decent week so far despite the weather?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:  Yeah, it's been a good week I suppose.  Yeah, I mean, I hung in there yesterday and I was having a good run today and a good back nine today was nice, because not a lot was happening for me.  I was only 1‑under through 12 and a little bit frustrated because I played better than that score.
Finished with 6‑under total is good and I'm in there with a chance with a high finish tomorrow if I keep doing what I'm doing.

Q.  Are your thoughts positive at the start of the day, even though you know where you are where the leaders are in relation to you; good round could get you up there?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:  To be fair, I wasn't thinking about any of the scores.  I was so focused on my game, and I haven't been entirely happy with my game this week.  Haven't felt that comfortable off the tee at the moment, so I was just trying to get a swing thought and maybe hit some fairways and greens out there.
I sort of found one on the range to begin with and that really worked for the most part today.  I just have to do the same thing tomorrow and keep grinding away and keep working on the swing in all aspects of my game and just trust it and see where that takes me.

Q.  We've gained an appreciation of how much you like Wentworth; is it the same when you see it in the different weather conditions?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:  Yeah, I just really like it.  I don't know really why.  There's some really tough tee shots out there, and I feel like sometimes on this golf course, not that you've got to play defensive; you've always got to play aggressive within yourself but sometimes just knocking a 2‑iron off the tee.
Like the fourth hole is a great example.  I think yesterday there probably would have been some numbers because people maybe were hitting drivers.  I just walk on to the tee and don't see a driver because I know there's so many dangers into off the left.  I think it's that sort of golf course.
There are some tee shots out there that can be taken on that are not necessarily worth it sometimes, and I sort of do that when I look around here and play to what I feel my strengths are.  I just like the golf course I such suppose.

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