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May 24, 2014

Anthony Wall


Q.テつ When you look at that board, you're prominent and right in there for the final day.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ It's where you want to be.テつ It's our biggest and best event of the season.テつ These are the sort of days you want.テつ I'm really, really looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.テつ Does it matter or is there something else more important to you right at the moment?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ My family's far more important than a football match, but it comes pretty close.

Q.テつ I gather you heard about the promotion on 16, 17?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ Yeah, just hit my tee shot to 17 and someone in the crowd said, "Do you want to know the score?"テつ And he smiled, and I said, okay then, so I knew what it was.

Q.テつ How big a fan are you?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ I'm a massive fan.テつ I have full season tickets.テつ I go whenever I can.テつ I know one or two of the coaches.テつ It's a nice club, and the owners have put in loads and loads of money and they have made massive efforts.テつ I'm pleased that sometimes things work out.
Harry Redknapp is a good guy and I know his son, Jamie, really well and he's a lovely fellow.テつ They have just been desperate to go up.テつ I'm really proud of them because they have worked really hard.

Q.テつ Were you torn, particularly when the rain came in and you knew you would to be on the course when it was happening?
ANTHONY WALL:テつ I was disappointed that I was teeing off later, because they were playing at 3 o'clock‑‑ but I just prayed that they were going to win, and I've recorded it.テつ I wasn't going to say a word to anyone and just go home and watch it.テつ My secret's out.

Q.テつ Could be a nice double.
ANTHONY WALL:テつ That would be fabulous.

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