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May 24, 2014

Mark Calcavecchia


Q.テつ You started the round with three birdies in the first five holes.テつ Kind of talk about your first few holes out there.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ Well, it was a good start.テつ Kind of went down hill after that.テつ I don't know, this course, you get on wrong side of the humps and there's not much you can do.
I hit a pretty good shot into 8, front left pin and it spun back all the way down the hill and I made a bogey there.
Then didn't birdie 9.
So I felt like I lost a couple there.
But then I birdied 10.
Lipped out on 12 and 13.テつ On 12 it was a birdie and 13 it was a par putt, a 360 lip out.テつ So, again, kind of got on the wrong side of things.
But then I birdied the par‑5.
But then I buried it in the bunker on 16.
So it was kind of up‑and‑down.テつ I really only hit a couple bad shots all day, it definitely should have been about three or four shots better, so I was a little frustrated.

Q.テつ You're still four shots within the lead with ‑‑ four shots from the clubhouse lead‑‑ so what do you got to do tomorrow to kind of get your self in contention?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ I got to get off to another good start and then just hope I keep it going.
Again, this course doesn't always reward good shots, depending upon where the pins are and the humps are and where your ball flies and/or ends up.
It's difficult 2‑putting a lot of times, too.テつ You got to go up‑and‑down and stuff.
So that's the nature of this course, it's a second shot course, for sure.テつ It's tough to always gets your iron shots where you want and then if you don't, then ‑‑ or if you miss a green, if you miss a green in the wrong place, you're pretty much screwed, where you can't get your chip close at all.
So that's, for me, tomorrow, I feel like I'm playing pretty well, but I got to get off to a good start and then just hope for some luck and hope to keep it going.

Q.テつ Talk about hole 7.テつ You parred it, but it seems like everyone is having trouble with that.テつ What's the thought process on that hole that's making it so tough?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA:テつ It's playing long, it's straight back into the wind and it's a good driver and a 5 or 4‑iron.テつ That's the main problem.テつ The green's pretty small.テつ It's really small for a 4‑iron.テつ And it's up the hill, it's blind.テつ All you can see is the pin.
So the fairway's pretty wide, but still there's water on the right and a bunker.テつ So you got to hit a good drive, No. 1 and then No. 2, you got to hit a solid, again it's a 4‑ or 5‑iron or even for some of the shorter players it may be some sort of three hybrid or something, to very small green, considering it's up there in the hill into the wind.
So the front part of the green's got a dip, so it's just a tough hole back into the wind.

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